SPL Transient Designer
SPL Transient Designer
moosers 09/15/2010

SPL Transient Designer : moosers's user review


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The SPL Transient Designer plug-in is a piece of software that emulates SPL's most popular piece of outboard gear, which of course is the Transient Designer. The plug-in comes in a variety of formats, and will be available in all major systems. I wasn't involved with installing the plug-in since I don't own it myself, but it shouldn't be any harder than installing any other plug-in out there. The user friendliness of the plug-in is great, as it's a really simple one to operate regardless of if you've used a hardware Transient Designer before or not. The parameters that it has are for attack, sustain, and output gain, and that's all there is to the plug-in. It's so simple to use that a manual surely shouldn't be necessary here.


The studio that I work at is running the SPL Transient Designer plug-in on a few different systems, but all of them are TDM version of the plug-in on Pro Tools HD systems. The main room has a Mac Pro desk top consisting of dual 2.6 Intel Xeon processor and 10 GB of RAM, so if there were any doubt of it running in Pro Tools HD, which there weren't, it would surely run on the computer power alone. If you're running an LE system, as long as you're currently able to run plug-ins comfortably, I believe you'll be fine with this one.


Basically, the SPL Transient Designer gives you this unique dynamic processor right in your DAW. It's not the exact same as the hardware Transient Designer, but it sounds pretty great nonetheless and is definitely an adequate substitute. If you're not familiar with the Transient Designer, it's one of the coolest processors out there and it's great for cleaning up a sound and helping it cut through a mix - especially for drums. It is kind of pricey however, which is really it's only downfall as it's almost worth it to pick up the hardware version at the price they're asking for the software. Regardless, this is a great plug-in to have around, especially for mixing engineers...