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Software de-essers user reviews

  • FabFilter Pro-DS

    FabFilter Pro-DS - "Sibilance be gone"


    De-esser's are very common these days, it seems every audio company under the sun have their own version of a De-esser plugin. They all do pretty much the same thing - eliminate sibilant 'esss' and 'efff' sounds of vocal recordings that are normally …

  • Waves DeEsser

    Waves DeEsser - "Basic DeEsser"


    Waves DeEsser is a software effects plug-in to be used in a DAW. All Waves plug-ins can be installed by downloading them off the Waves website. Authorization is completed using a USB stick as a dongle, or using an authorization manager application if…

  • Digital Fish Phones SpitFish

    Digital Fish Phones SpitFish - "Free Useful Tool"


    The Digital Fish Phones SpitFish can be for mono or stereo vocal tracks. This free VST has the tools needed to get those “S” sounds or “SHH” sounds out of the vocal mix and it does it very good for it to be a free plug in. The interface is very small…

  • Universal Audio Precision De-Esser

    Universal Audio Precision De-Esser - "Got sibilance? Get this..."


    Super easy set-up. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Runs like a Chevy truck, nothing ever goes wrong with U-Audio plug-ins OVERALL OPINION The Precision De-Esser seamlessly and accurately removes sibilance from in- dividual audio tracks or even composite…

  • Waves Renaissance DeEsser

    Waves Renaissance DeEsser - "Solid DeEsser"


    DeEssers can be life savers in mixes, especially when it's something regarding spoken words. I've used plenty of DeEssers throughout the years, and this has always been one of my main choices. For those who don't know, a DeEsser elimites that shh a…

  • Waves DeEsser

    Waves DeEsser - "Very helpful for radio"


    Sibilance is the number one issue when it comes to recording things like spoken words and talk shows. The big issue is that you have those "shh" and "ess" sounds that really can kill your ears and sound utterly annoying. To combat that, you use a D…

  • Digital Fish Phones SpitFish

    Digital Fish Phones SpitFish - moosers's review


    The Digital Fish Phones SpitFish is a free de-essing plug-in that is free and available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can get it as a VST plug-in for both platforms as well as an Audio Units plug-in for Mac. You can download the f…

  • Nomad Factory BT Deesser DS-2S

    Nomad Factory BT Deesser DS-2S - moosers's review


    The Nomad Factory BT Deesser DS-2S is a plug-in that's part of the Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack. You can also buy it individually, but it's definitely worth it to buy the whole bundle, as there's six plug-ins in total in the bundle and this one costs ne…

  • Antares Audio Technology AVOX Sybil

    Antares Audio Technology AVOX Sybil - moosers's review


    The Antares Systems AVOX Sybil is a de-esser plug-in that comes in the AVOX vocal toolkit bundle of plug-ins. While it's a de-esser, it's got a more standard compressor make up in it as well, so it's really an all around dynamic processor for vocals…

  • db Audioware dB-S De-Esser

    db Audioware dB-S De-Esser - moosers's review


    DB Audioware's DB-S De-esser is a Direct X plug-in for Windows that I've used with Cubase SX. I haven't used the plug-in in a few years since I made the switch from Cubase SX on a PC to Pro Tools LE on a Mac. It should be a quick and easy process t…