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  • Waves NX Virtual Mix Room

    Waves NX Virtual Mix Room - "It does the trick"


    I use this plug-in with the following configuration : PC w/ Windows Seven, I7-4770k, 16GB, SSD (Samsung 850pro) Berhinger U-PHORIA UMC 1820 sound interface It's better to have a sound interface with at least 6 outputs so as to be able to mix in 5.…

  • Credland Audio Stereo Savage

    Credland Audio Stereo Savage - "Incredible"


    After the CARBON ELECTRA synth, PLUGIN BOUTIQUE strikes back... and doesn't miss. What we have here is an effect plugin that will wipe away a large number of its competitors in the field of stereo manipulation. Very simple to use, incredibly an…

  • Brainworx bx_stereomaker

    Brainworx bx_stereomaker - "Unexpected"


    Used with Cubase6 Very stable GUI is large and clear Mouse-controlled Not CPU-hungry Very efficient Accurate A real plus for setting the M/S signal as you wish It is possible to pair two instances by inserting two mono plugs Hence, the sig…

  • Brainworx bx_XL v2

    Brainworx bx_XL v2 - "Excellent!"


    Used with Cubase6. Very Stable. Very clear. Mouse-controllable. Takes very little resource. Very efficient and precise. Can't do without it for mastering. Works in 2D, 3D and M/S. Can't do without since I discovered it. It levels, enhances …

  • Waves Center

    Waves Center - "Waves Center Plug-in Review"


    Here is my review of Waves' Center plug-in. I use this plug-in mainly to help bring out vocals of a mixed track. But there are other places where I can use it as well. Please check out the review to find out more below.…

  • Waves S1 Stereo Imager

    Waves S1 Stereo Imager - "Larger than life drums!"


    Waves S1 is a software effects plug-in to be used in a DAW. All Waves plug-ins can be installed by downloading them off the Waves website. Authorization is completed using a USB stick as a dongle, or using an authorization manager application if your…

  • Sonalksis StereoTools

    Sonalksis StereoTools - moosers's review


    Sonalksis' StereoTools is one of the plug-ins found in Sonalksis' Mastering Suite. I think the plug-in is also available on it's own, but it's going to be cheaper if you get the full bundle. The plug-ins is essentially an in depth stereo processing…

  • Waves Center

    Waves Center - "Not a bad centering plugin"


    Center plugins are mainly used for trying to achieve a proper balance between phase and a bunch of other things like that. An improperly set "center" can cause stuff to sound very low in the mix and sound like it's being pushed back or something. I…

  • QuikQuak UpStereo v2.x

    QuikQuak UpStereo v2.x - moosers's review


    QuikQuak's UpStereo v2 is a free piece of software designed as a stereo enhancer. The plug-in is available for Mac systems and in VST and Audio Unit plug-in formats, so unless you've got the FXpansion VST to RTAS converter as I do, you won't be able…

  • Waves UM226

    Waves UM226 - "Stereo to 5.1 surround plugin"


    Stereo to surround is a huge issue that a lot of people face when they start remixing old movies for today's sound systems. There are two different versions of this -- the UM225 and the UM226. They're both almost identical, except that the UM226 ha…