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Sinusweb MultiLens
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damstraversaz 08/06/2004

Sinusweb MultiLens : damstraversaz's user review


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We copy everything in the folder of VST plug-hop and go!
difficult to easiest.
pré is a PDF manual is fairly well done


Athlon xp 1.8, 700 RAM, Windows XP
no problem so stable. sinusweb plugins do not really eat much
hey you can always do better, but ...


Used for three months.

I love ... everything!

- Advanced stereo filter plugin
- Capable of Creating unique soundscapes
- 4 bandpass filters
- 8 LFOs
- SpectrumRoom display
- Distortion
- Panorama delay
- 32 bit internal precision
- Low CPU usage
- Zero latency signal path

visualization is really well done and the plugin is so simple to use that it becomes formidable
for 25 euros is more than a case. change rates if you buy more plugins.n do not hesitate to use the demo is a full version.

Oh yes I do it again this choice