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  • Art SplitComPro

    Art SplitComPro - "Splits and combines mic signals"


    The Art SplitComPro is a small box, designed to both split and combine microphone signals passively. It has two inputs, two outputs, and two control switches. It has rubber feet that come up on the sides of the box, making it very sturdy and stable w…

  • Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner

    Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner - moosers's review


    The Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner is a very nice power strip for your gear. Primarily you'll see it being used for outboard rack gear in recording studios, which is where I've used it. It's got a power capacity of 1800 watts so it can r…

Translated user reviews
  • Art P16

    Art P16 - " The top!"


    I use it for 6 months, this is my first XLR patch. Quality is to go and the construction is very solid, the finish is really good! XLR patch in there is very little pattern, I hesitated a bit to buy it because I did not know the brand, so I rea…

  • Art P16

    Art P16 - " Top!"


    I use it for about 10 months. I wish I could choose between several models, but it is not easy to find patches XLR. Already that it was commissioned in the United States, it is impossible to find in Europe. Very handy if you have devices with m…