Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner
Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner

SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner, Other Misc. Product from Art.

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moosers 12/17/2011

Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner : moosers's user review


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The Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner is a very nice power strip for your gear. Primarily you'll see it being used for outboard rack gear in recording studios, which is where I've used it. It's got a power capacity of 1800 watts so it can really handle a lot. It's good to know that you won't have any problems using all 8 power ports in the back of the SP 4x4, since chances are you're going to need them all. The 8 power jacks are a good amount of space apart too, so if you need to fit bulky power supplies in there it shouldn't be a problem. This is definitely a problem that I've encountered with other power conditioners like one that from Furman that I used to have. The Art SP 4x4 Metered Rack Power Conditioner will also only take up a single space in your rack casing, furthermore making it perfect for rack and outboard gear. Another reason why this is a superior power conditioner is the metering system that allows you to monitor input voltage. You also won't have to worry about hurting your gear if the power cuts out because it's got a 15 amp breaker. If you are working in a professional or semi-professional environment, it's definitely a good idea to be conscious of keeping your gear out of harm's way. If you have expensive rack gear already, it's 100% worth it to spend a small amount of money extra on a safe and reliable power conditioner like the Art SP 4x4 to protect your gear in the long run. I personally will not be purchasing something like this anytime soon, but all of the professionals studios that I work from have something like this, with one of them having this exact model. Definitely something to consider if you have some nice gear.