Savarez Kit Nail
Savarez Kit Nail

Kit Nail, Other Guitar Accessory from Savarez.


Savarez Kit Nail : Anonymous 's user review


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Kit Repair Tool Manufacturing and nails.
The kit includes: a sheet of silk self-adhsive, 2 tubes of resin, sandpaper, a needle (to pierce the resin tube) and a wooden btonnet (to apply the r sine).

I am self taught and handed. I is developing the technique right hand very personal. I play almost exclusively in finger picking. I do not play with a mdiator or Plutt I never wanted to learn and develop this technique I prfr particulire.
Ah yes, I forget Specifies that I play mostly metal, not only, but that's my style prfr.

I use the nail of my right thumb as a mdiator. To do this I had to let him grow very long: about 1 cm-del overflows in the pulp of the thumb! I attack the strings and steel strong enough, including my seven strings, for fast palm mute with picking the strings.
Results: my nail is subjected to high stress and ... breakage.

Solution: strengthen it. And this kit is perfect for nail. Three layers of tissue paper-resin and my nail is unbreakable! So of sr, one must learn to use it well, if the prosthesis does not. But once the application protocol is matris the prosthesis resists and stays in place several weeks or months. Some alterations are ncessaires occasionally, but nothing important. As the nail, it remains in good condition and is absolutely not abm fragilis by the prosthesis.

Remains the reslut aesthetics: the prosthesis is discreetly APRS application but yellow with time. Personally I do not care, but it catches your eye ... and when thinking.