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vlandrieu 02/23/2012

Zam Power Zam : vlandrieu's user review

«  Very handy! »

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I use the ZAM since December 2010. I had to make any changes on my basses (Warwick Streamer Jazzman and Custom Warmoth JB-like).

If you are here, I guess you know the usefulness of ZAM and on this point, reliability is the rendezvous. Batteries, it's over for me.

The big question that is puzzling: do we really sound better with new batteries?
Personally, I was surprised at his first connection, clear and dynamic. But I do not know what is the element of subjectivity in this judgment. Anyway, what to see and that is irrefutable is that the sound is better than a battery that has aged a bit. The assurance of having a quality of its stable and linear is the most important to me.

There are some small things that are important to know about using:
- We must of course plug his bass directly to the ZAM so it will take place in the string entry in your pedalboard. This is not necessarily a problem though. I personally do not use pedals so I put it in my rack.
- Little remark which follows directly from the previous one: there are no plans to fix it in a rack box. I squeeze between my compressor and my amp, which is enough to hold it in place but ideally a system for proper catch would have been handy.
- Having a dummy cell is not always practical. For example, when I plug my bass directly into my mixer, I have to remove the ZAM of my rack box. It's also annoying to match backstage before a concert, you can not plug the bass directly into the tuner.
- Last little problem is that the system works with a stereo jack and supply is significantly reduced compared to standard cables. I can not find a stereo jack 6m with an angled plug on one side for example. We must also mention all the colored cables, fabric and other fantasies.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I am very satisfied with the ZAM and I can only recommend it.
Next evolution, a wireless ZAM? :-)