Graph Tech String Saver Saddle
Graph Tech String Saver Saddle

String Saver Saddle, Other Guitar Replacement Part from Graph Tech.

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JPDguitar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Customer service not great"

Graph Tech String Saver Saddle
I sent an email asking for a Graphtech the compatibility of a bridge with my Squier Duo Sonic. Of course after watching their dimensions in mm and misunderstood height and width .. for 3 small cylinders ??? kind telecaster.
Here is their response:

Thank you for the email and interest in Graph Tech. I would be happy to help with your inquiry.

ALTHOUGH our saddles Certainly sccm 8163 To Be The right fit for your instrument, it is always best policy to cross-reference our listed dimensions Against your stock shares to Ensure year was accurate

Please let me know if you-have Any Other Questions or Concerns

Best regards

Or how to answer the question next to kindly.
Brief wind!

Finally, I tried their graphite saddles on a custom Les Paul: he broke a few days like old teeth!
on the other hand I started a full bridge NVS is going well and saves the strings (in place of the original, which was folded down the center ??? ... lively Gibson!).

kinne's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Graph Tech String Saver Saddle
I brought a SERIES of changes rversibles my Fender Stratocaster American Standard because, despite the passage in two makers, the problem (buzz) persisted.
I changed the nut head, the guide strings ("string tree", which lowers the pice E and B strings on the head) and the bridges.

Submitted opinions concerning the "Start Saddles Graph Tech 1871E".

Replacement of bridges silent quick and easy. I have a few basic tools (purchased from to measure the height of the strings prcisment rgler and the bridges to meet the curvature of the neck and a few books on the subject to avoid not work when the blind do rglages.

Affect the sound the guitar seems more "molleuse" but I do not and I dplat prfre the current sound. Not forgetting the all black look that fits with the look-General for my Strat finishing "Butterscotch Blonde" other spices are also black.

Without hsitation, I would do a face change and Strat rcalcitrante having to play both silent amateur luthier trs rewarding and much more economic!

Camy_x's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Graph Tech String Saver Saddle
TERRIBLE!! Mounted on my BC Rich Warlock Bass ... not one of those new Korean models ...
and compared with the original brass bridges ... and it's night and day!
Velvety sound ... an attack richer and more alive ... something not easy to explain, but it is more natural than vrement bridges metals.
A slots perfectly designed for assembling all types of strings ... I play a 4 string with 50-115 and must be a change on the bridges basic and not break the strings for better contact.
Graphtech no prolem with it ... to even up the top 155 and it would always impeccable.
In addition, the oxidized graphite does not! Does not lose its color! And food does not strings !!!... or the palm of your hand like some shit with sharp edges ...
The tuning does not move! ... And no wear on the rope when it relaxes its strings or tend to other settings or ... imprgné graphite and Teflon (a high tech lubricant)

At first glance it when you flip the channel's mouth thing once out of the box ... AHHH! IT'S LIGHT! FUCKING PLASTIC !!!... It's like yeah it looks like one thing but it's super solid and works great!
The price is ridiculous compared to all the benefits of the beast. Thirty euros US web ...
It decided ... I equip all my basses with a future!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Graph Tech String Saver Saddle
On LP custom, I broke many strings, just c'tait ingrable in concert, have lim APRS the bridges, nothing better ...

I was afraid of the sound dnaturer changing anything on my stiff, the change of these bridges have not changed anything at all, at least I hear it, and I do one more pte rope, so ok for me, good buy

25 euros, advice, go buy them with your background as a you do not plant on the screw / Diameter.

I would do without this choice points.

Lonewolf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Graph Tech String Saver Saddle
I brought up the Potet to replace the original ones in my Les Paul that tended to resemble the blade of my saw amtaux, making relies prtendu the addition of low lments of graphite from on adding sustain (not yet found better than my Gibs at this level, I do not see how this could have added), in fact I chose to mount for the protection of ropes and for not having a change the entire bridge.

APRS balance 4 months: mixed.
While the strings are no longer likely the case at this level, I certainly forty Euros economy by buying an amount that plutt ABR-1 new, but:

-The sustain, no finding of a diffrence, but like a Les Paul is the queen of dj Sustain.
-Low, is that the gate has to, because not is not usurping the reputable, has added a lot of bass, but not very nice bass Dfine has had plutt the tendency to drool a make imprcises, drafts, and as my LP (which of course lots of bass adj) is a team of Tone Zone (the microphone that comes most low) is not the panacea ben, the sound becomes quite rough.
When I get the chance I will go back a normal ABR-1.

If a Tele, a Start, or any scratches that high cheek plutt medium is certainly a good plan to earn a little low, avoid the guitars that come out naturally very low, a especially if you also have microphones who like the big bass.