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Other Guitar Replacement Parts user reviews

  • Babicz FCH Telecaster Bridge

    Babicz FCH Telecaster Bridge - "I can finally intonate my Telecasters!!" has images


    One of my classic gripes about Telecaster bridges, be they classic two-strings-per-barrel or one-saddle-per-string is that they never seem to intonate correctly. The Babicz Full Contact bridge not only corrects this problem, but introduces new featur…

  • EVH D Tuna

    EVH D Tuna - "EVH D-Tuna makes drop D tuning easy"


    This is a great solution to quickly drop tuning a trem guitar. I slapped this on my Charvel in no time, fine-tuned it as per the instructions and have never looked back. A quick press and pull and you get chunky drop D tuning in perfect pitch. This i…

  • Tremol-no Classic w/ Deep-C

    Tremol-no Classic w/ Deep-C - "About time some one made this, and did it right!"


    Unlike the guys that made term stops before this one actually works. And works well. What is it? It's a device you install in your guitar. I hooks into one of the holes on the term block where the trm springs are attached. So 5 spring guys are out of…

  • Seymour Duncan BMP-1s Blackout Modular Preamp

    Seymour Duncan BMP-1s Blackout Modular Preamp - "Cheap way to beef up the tone of a guitar"


    Most everyone knows about the Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups by now. They are Seymour Duncans attack on the active pickup world. With active pickups you get pickups with naturally weak magnets whos sound is bolstered by an active preamp built into t…

  • Gibson TP6

    Gibson TP6 - "Easy way to get finer tuning on your Gibson "


    I wish Gibson would put these on more of their guitars. If they are not going to use better tuners you will need one of these to get your guitar in perfect tune. The TP6 is not just for Gibsons. It will work on pretty much any tune-o-matic bridge gui…

  • Fender 5-way Pickup Selector Switch

    Fender 5-way Pickup Selector Switch - "Fender 5-way Switch"


    Is your current 5-way switch on your Fender Strat or strat copy old, tired and noisy? Time to kiss it goodbye and upgrade to the American Standard 5-way switch. This switch is the same switch found on all USA made strats. Nice and tight switchin…

  • V-Picks V-Guard Clear Pick Guard

    V-Picks V-Guard Clear Pick Guard - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Rosalie/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hello everybody, After reading the VGuard review in the Audiofanzine news I decided to order it to recover the flamed top of my Les Paul. Vinni, the seller, sent me the pickg…

  • Fishman VT Powerbridge Pickup

    Fishman VT Powerbridge Pickup - Rockmonster's review


    Had this puppy installed in a Telecaster for about 3 years now. I am a bit of a Metalhead, so.. this does not always get a a lot of play.. but it is certainly a classic guitar and brought to higher levels of versatility with this modification. The Po…

Translated user reviews
  • Graph Tech String Saver Saddle

    Graph Tech String Saver Saddle - " Customer service not great"


    I sent an email asking for a Graphtech the compatibility of a bridge with my Squier Duo Sonic. Of course after watching their dimensions in mm and misunderstood height and width .. for 3 small cylinders ??? kind telecaster. Here is their response: …

  • Gibson PRPG-020

    Gibson PRPG-020 - " Pitch perfect"


    As it is reasonable to expect, this pick-gard goes perfectly on a Les Paul Gibson. The quality of the material is excellent; it is the same manufacture. A beautiful original piece worthy of the historic brand. Price is after all rather low and yo…