Thorens TD 160
Thorens TD 160

TD 160, Other Hi-Fi Product from Thorens.

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tonton3000 06/06/2005

Thorens TD 160 : tonton3000's user review


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Thorens TD 160


I craqu for this board yesterday after noon on a clearance sale. I trust the guy who proposed it: it looked OGLA and 7 bins vynils In parallel he proposed was in perfect tat: I thought the guy was m ticuleux ...
Installation was pass without worry. The grip of the device is simple: a 33/45 button that turns on the camera, a mechanical arm with lever button and that is all!
The model I purchased has to be the 1st version, the one with a wooden base.
I like to test first with a 33 rpm, and my 1st t raction was "whaou what sound !!" ... I who for several years Ruins ears by listening plethora of poorly encods Mp3 files, I saw myself Adi rediscover my entire record collection of "when I was small" with a true sound "vintage" .dropoff window
Unfortunately, I soon dchant ... The deck does not turn 45 rpm! Finally, it rotates, but the speed of 33 rpm.
By removing the plate, I could s'levait checks to see if the belt correctly in position 45 rpm tray but the speed does not change. I also tried "to begin" by running a little plateau but nothing happens ...

If someone has an idea, she is welcome!

Thank you for your help

Tonton3000, new to the forum