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StageTech PL4

All user reviews for the StageTech PL4

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  • coincoin23coincoin23

    StageTech PL4Published on 05/21/09 at 01:49
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    I used two sets for 8 years, I'm really happy!
    Super color uniformity over a large area, has not taken place (I do not understand this criticism in another opinion, it speaks well of the same product ???)!
    I make heavy use and I never grill one bulb !!!! I always use 80% of the intensity and the fall when they are cold!
    On Française origin (crowing!) The quality is!
    @ +
  • GalettouilleGalettouille

    Simple and cheap

    StageTech PL4Published on 10/23/14 at 01:23
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    I use it since 2005

    This is the first color changer that I use.

    This cable very quickly: it feeds the pedal, it sends a cable to each PL4, and that's it: each module is powered by the cable.

    Disadvantages: it is therefore not DMX, and you can drive two PL4 with pedals.
    There are only a few programs.
    The bulbs are expensive and often slamming two.
  • tico31tico31

    StageTech PL4Published on 10/03/06 at 10:42
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    I bought these PL4 3 years ago but used.

    - Key Benefits: Super bright!
    - Disadvantages: Heavy, bulky and not very practical!

    Conclusion: Buying to avoid, you can find similar products bcp cheaper and controllable by DMX.
  • djbubuledjbubule

    StageTech PL4Published on 02/12/07 at 08:10
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    I use it for 1 year of hardware that never dfault is reliable trs
    love the color and brightness and the effects produced by the console
    Very easy to use, suitable for young people as the old.
    I love everything about this camera, incomparable with the other model testbr /> All that is reliable but is not given s worth it
  • plousseplousse

    StageTech PL4Published on 04/13/07 at 22:49
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    Pl4 I use these for 2 years and never failed me ...
    Use mobile disco, orchestra, stage lighting, theater ... This is the solution to all situations.
    I also changed Color4 musicforce from home and it is combined well.
    The pl4 is a must for me in this field despite its continued high prices in nine (€ 1,000) and time (500 €).
    It is a purchase you will not regret for sure. In addition to small console is very simple and allows the maximum opportunity possible in combos and color change. (I have the pedals)
    Only problem, the incompatibility and dmx is frankly bad.
    biento to ^ t