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  • StageTech PL4

    StageTech PL4 - " Simple and cheap"


    I use it since 2005 This is the first color changer that I use. This cable very quickly: it feeds the pedal, it sends a cable to each PL4, and that's it: each module is powered by the cable. Disadvantages: it is therefore not DMX, and you ca…

  • Starway Tiwa

    Starway Tiwa - " Its effect, no more, no less!"


    Recently purchased, I had read reviews before so I knew what to expect. Rackable in 19 ', 1 U. Plus: The price for 8 switches Minimum: Like everyone, back jacks: two holes per socket + the grounding plug. The plugs landless actually misbehave once …

  • Showtec PSA 161

    Showtec PSA 161 - " Practice really"


    -How long have you use it? 6 months -What is the particular feature you like best and least? Plus:. Rugged construction, accurate and real-time display of current and voltage, rack 19 "format is quite light and is ideal for medium and large be…

  • Essentiel B BF08

    Essentiel B BF08 - " Test phase"


    The product works, what is already good. I will make a full-scale test in a hall on Saturday. I will post the results below. …

  • Starway Tiwa

    Starway Tiwa - " Dangerous model in my"


    Like many here, I found super cheap, pretty. But then, I took several landfills. While enjoying some free time, I open. And ... there is drama. I do not know if this is often the case, but I hallucinated. In fact, everything is well done in, but …

  • Stairville DMX splitter 4

    Stairville DMX splitter 4 - " Good Product"


    How long have you use it? August 2012 Have you tried many other models before buying it? No How would you rate the quality / price? Very Good With experience, you do again this choice? ... Yes …

  • Stairville DMX splitter 4

    Stairville DMX splitter 4 - HStuder's review


    This DMX spliter Staiville can bring order in the cabling and signal regeneration. On a very basic presentation it is not less functional, the case would be won in a standard format and non-slip pads but in this case it was enough to take the rack mo…

  • Stairville DMX splitter 4

    Stairville DMX splitter 4 - " very bad!"


    product to flee absolutely! even break the connectors used with caution. Unleash the transformers while going to and are not standard so difficult to replace ... short really bad in my opinion. It took 6 months and soon finished dismantled t…

  • Green Hippo Hippotizer HD

    Green Hippo Hippotizer HD - " PRO!!"


    I use it for about 2 to 3 years I tested one media server and arkaos course. What I like the most: - 12 layers - Replays are beautiful - The PLAYMODE in Random - Knives like a cut that can save your life. Cons: - No return thumbnai…

  • Contest md 2010

    Contest md 2010 - " great product"


    swears by contest and martin …