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RODE Other Microphones user reviews

  • RODE NTG4+

    RODE NTG4+ - "Excellent value" has imagescontains audio examples


    Used for audiobook and youtube videos, mic has very little self noise and has adequate gain with Zoom H5 currently used. Does it sound like a 416? No. Does it sound a lot better than NGT2, yes. Battery option is very valuable, but mic does sound …

Translated user reviews
  • RODE VideoMic Pro

    RODE VideoMic Pro - " is the micro"


    That is, it is gnial, it is small, powered by a 9V battery, he trs good job, excellent as it is very small and we put it on a camera (yes it is for a). But when is it if used donf?? Well Rode always has a good enough micro (well I think) for me my pr…