RODE user reviews

  • RODE NTG4+

    RODE NTG4+ - "Excellent value" has imagescontains audio examples


    Used for audiobook and youtube videos, mic has very little self noise and has adequate gain with Zoom H5 currently used. Does it sound like a 416? No. Does it sound a lot better than NGT2, yes. Battery option is very valuable, but mic does sound …

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - "This mic PERFORMS,, !!"


    I Have owned this mic for 10 months, its great, I Use this with a foam windshield and not the supplied "POP" filter,my radio broadcasts sound really professional its not quite a neuman but post broadcast gives that nice warm presenter voice,, You w…


    RODE PSA1 - "Great price, works perfectly, will hold weight"


    Mic boom is very good, quiet in motion and is capable of holding heavy mics and shock mounts including the heavy RODE Procaster/Podcaster models and the BLUE Yeti with shock mount. Attaches easily to desks or tables without tools. Seems pricey, but…

  • RODE Procaster

    RODE Procaster - "Remarkable value, distinctive sound"


    An excellent professional quality broadcast style large diaphragm mic. Bulletproof build quality and a 10 year warranty. Microphone has a distinctive character audio with a boost around 80-100hz that gives voices a lot of "ooomph" that may or may no…

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - "Gritty Delicate Natural" has images


    The Rode NT1-A is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. It runs on phantom power, so make sure your interface or mixer/preamp provides phantom power. When it comes to setting up, it’s a breeze. Just make sure you mute the channel when y…

  • RODE NTG-1

    RODE NTG-1 - "Affordable Shotgun Mic (good quality)"


    The Rode NTG1 is a shotgun microphone with a hyper cardiod pattern. Meaning that it captures a more narrow direct field of sound. I want to say view, but this isn't a lens although the same analogy applies. This mic can be used a number of differe…


    RODE NT2A - " Impeccable in lots of different configurations"


    A very heavy condenser mic that inspires confidence. I bought it knowing I should pare it with a sturdy mic stand. OVERALL OPINION I used it essentially to record vocals, since I already had an NT55 for my guitar. After several trials, various posi…


    RODE NT2A - "WTF!!"


    "Vintage" studio mic, both in terms of sound and design! OVERALL OPINION After having looked for THE mic for a long time, including lots of comparative tests (neumann, shure, seinnheisser, akg, etc), I gave a try to this rather classic-looking stud…

  • RODE NT2

    RODE NT2 - "Decent quality, emphasized high frequencies"


    The Rode NT2 is a cardiod condenser microphone. It is primarily designed for studio use, but it might have a few applications for live sound like Overheads for drums or for a string section. This microphone requires phantom power, so make sure your …

  • RODE Procaster

    RODE Procaster - "Built Like a Tank"


    The Podcaster is a podcasting mic, it can be used for studio recordings, just depends on what you wanna do and how you want to use it Let's get into some details OVERALL OPINION I've worked with a lot of different microphones over the years. Con…