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AlexPalmito 06/25/2008

RODE NT2 : AlexPalmito's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
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I found this very micro way, even with some really nice preamp (Focusrite low end), but since I ART MPA GOLD I rediscovered the NT2!
While it is true that it is not very versatile and it will not AT ALL with all preamps, but frankly I think it's a good little microphone. I have for a long time and I've never had a problem. If it is associated with the services of a warm and sweet treble preamp (not forcment overpriced, for the case of Gold Mpa) it makes the downright!
After this is not a U87, we agree, but compared to a TLM103, for example, I think the price difference is really not justified! (I do not like the TLM103!)
I'm looking for a second in good condition, pasque on the piano with the MPA is the killer! for the price!