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tarrtime 02/01/2013

RODE NT2 : tarrtime's user review

« Decent quality, emphasized high frequencies »

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The Rode NT2 is a cardiod condenser microphone. It is primarily designed for studio use, but it might have a few applications for live sound like Overheads for drums or for a string section. This microphone requires phantom power, so make sure your mixer/interface can supply phantom power before you purchase the microphone. The microphone outputs to a standard XLR cable. The microphone comes with a custom shock mount holder that is really easy to use. Getting the microphone setup is as simple as plug-and-play.


The Rode NT2 is an inexpensive microphone. It cannot compare to anything in the $1000+ price range. But compared to microphones in the $100-$500 price range, it has a lot to offer. This microphone definitely emphasizes the high frequencies that is picks up. If you have a problem with your recordings sounding dull and dark, this microphone will give your recordings some extra top end. The microphone is definitely clear, crisp, and even possibly too sharp in the high frequencies. Basically you get what you pay for: you could buy a $200 microphone that sounds dull, or you could buy a $200 microphone that sounds sharp.
This microphone is great for project/apartment/bedroom studios. Unless you have an acoustically treated environment to record, buying a $2000 U87 would be a waste of money. Every studio, from amateur to professional needs a solid large diaphragm condenser microphone. The NT2 is the perfect microphone if you are just getting started in recording. I recommend buying a pair of them because there are a lot of situations when stereo micing is necessary.
I have owned two of these microphones for over 5 years. They are very reliable, always work and I have never had to worry about them breaking. I take pretty good care of them, but I use them almost every day. I can say if you use them how they are supposed to be used, they will last a long time.