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stompboxjon 06/19/2012

RODE NT2 : stompboxjon's user review

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The Rode NT2 is a condenser mic that I have used for years off and on now for some vocals from home. I still do own this mic but I take it around with me more. It has become more of my traveling mic since I have other mics at home that I wont take around with me. One good thing that I got with it was a case, I am not sure if they all come with cases because I purchased mine used and the person I got it from had a small carrying case for it which makes it easy to take around and keeps it safe from scratches and or getting damaged which can happen very easily with mics.


There are some small issues with the mics performance which to the naked ear (the person who doesn’t know a lot about recording and mastering songs) others wont hear. But I feel my ear is pretty good and I can tell when something isn’t right with recording. It seems like maybe the pre amp isn’t very good and it will present some issue’s with this mic. Don’t expects to get top notch high quality studio masters when using this mic. You wont see this mic in any major studio’s , it is more for the home recording musician who is laying down demo’s. It will give you a good enough quality that you can play it back and be satisfied or let some of your pals and family hear what you recorded but I wouldn’t take it much farther then that. I wouldn’t send out demo’s to record labels or anything with this quality. It just isn’t good enough for that. But for home its perfect, or it music is just a fun hobby you enjoy and you don’t need an expensive condenser mic, then this will be perfect for you.