RODE Procaster
RODE Procaster
Rick Dinsmore 11/25/2016

RODE Procaster : Rick Dinsmore's user review

« Remarkable value, distinctive sound »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
An excellent professional quality broadcast style large diaphragm mic. Bulletproof build quality and a 10 year warranty.
Microphone has a distinctive character audio with a boost around 80-100hz that gives voices a lot of "ooomph" that may or may not suit your taste. Works well for announcer type work and is also an excellent HAM radio mic. Audio is quality is great, equal to dynamics at any price and background sound rejection is excellent. Available shock mount is very good.
Cons might be the distinctive sound character, but that may be a pro as well depending on your tastes. Mic is also pretty heavy so a cheap boom is not going to work. Mic requires a lot of gain, a minimum of 60db to really work properly.

If you like what it does to your voice, have good preamps or a FETHead or Cloudlifter, this will be a fantastic deal and the last mic you will ever buy.