RODE Procaster
RODE Procaster
barboiron 05/09/2012

RODE Procaster : barboiron's user review

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- Dynamic Microphone
- Polarity cardioid
- Horizontal positioning (as a vocal microphone)
- Frequencies 75Hz - 18kHz
- Impedance 320 Ohms
- Sensitivity-56.0dB re 1 Volt / Pascal (1.60mV @ 94 dB SPL) + / - 2 dB @ 1kHz
- Dimensions 214.00mm x 53.00mm
- Weight: 695g

- Sound quality broadcast, built for voice
- Level out for a high dynamic
- Suspension of the internal capsule
- Suspension Rode HBP1 very effective
- Double grill and pop integrated windscreen unnecessary
- Strong, all metal, heavy and bulky, inspires confidence
- Guaranteed 10 years!


Warm and natural sound reproduction, in contrast to many existing condenser microphones very aggressive.
Proximity effect barely noticeable, as one stays more than 5cm voice remains natural. Closer we get "the big voice" (type trailer cinema or broadcast U.S.).
It offers good rejection of off-axis sound while leaving a good freedom of movement.
Indisputably a material cut for broadcast, podcast quality, voice-over but it is also suitable for the song, a cover of guitar or bass amp, recording wind instruments, etc. ... wherever the extreme high end is not desirable.

For such a dynamic microphone broadcast (radio, dubbing), the choice is not very large:
Electro-Voice RE20, RE27, Shure SM7, Heil PR40, Neumann BCM705 and Rode Procaster.
This is the cheapest on the list but it is nevertheless comparable to competitors, with each model's personality.