Jazzmutant Lemur
Jazzmutant Lemur

Lemur, Other MIDI Controller from Jazzmutant.

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All user reviews for the Jazzmutant Lemur

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simonakimou's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jazzmutant Lemur
Depui two weeks that I'm crying tjs

I like most is it that everything is possible is a bit of the power controller MIDI reaktor The only fault might be his only English manuelest ben so it's a lemur Bordeaux??
I had lots of controller and well I sold them and yours hop ... need a keyboard? lemur a trigger pad? lemur knob of yours? oh no maintenance pkoi lemur

not try to model competitor ..... yeah y'en not.

Report quality price: ben expensive but good if you count all the controller is used in general and if you metter all his in the same machine is not ben Photo
Yes I like lemur and never kjamais oh great I can not deceive

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jazzmutant Lemur
I've had four months.
It's a total control surface, that is to say that I created the configuration I need ergonomically ... anything is possible.

I was looking for a way to really act on the sound like a percussionist, with my whole body and not just by turning the knobs. (I am a percussionist)

The price / quality ratio is difficult to estimate, it is a control surface multipoint touch ... um, unique ...

So, yes, it's expensive but there is no equivalent, so it's a choice, that's what I was looking for.

The box that makes the Lemur, JazzMutant, and I live in Bordeaux is Bordeaux.

The lemur has passed the prototype, since it is marketed but still developing, in fact, each user participates through the feedback forum, improvement.

The team is available and ready to lend a hand to spend time with you to resolve hardware or software problems that may arise, answer any questions and you put your foot in the stirrup.

The machine is manufactured in France, Dordogne, near Bordeaux.

With experience, I would do this choice because for me it's the ultimate control surface for my use of software and machines live.

Many people tell me I'm crazy to have spent over 2000 euros for a
But they quickly change your mind, when they themselves are dragging their fingers across the surface of the Lemur.
Suddenly, they too make music without thinking ...

The Lemur is beautiful in its delivered shuts down ebony and beautiful when objects appear bright.

Cavage's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jazzmutant Lemur
...dropoff Window