AMV Artist Luthier Walkyrie

Walkyrie, Other Shape Guitar from AMV Artist Luthier.

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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booobby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)""Tough!""

AMV Artist Luthier Walkyrie
made by hand in the South of France
maple body
Myrtlewood top table
lower table mahogany
handle 22 boxes typed "Gibson"
bridge pickups (1 single mic) P90 custom SP
overdrive switch and killswitch
Kahler 7300 tremolo

perfect finish! was the first grip the guitar we seem very heavy (guarantee of quality)
the table with flamed abalone inlays and binding 2 is a central model of precision and beauty
detail (among many other really original and good taste) that attracted me the + is the design of the haunts of boxes, it gives a heavenly thing next
I'd say it's a mix between an SG and the handle grip and Stratocaster for sound and the body (although the horns reminiscent of the far ptite SG)

I would put a 8/10 for finishing top of this guitar! 2 points are missing for fittings which go a golden delight but I do not like, the two switches a little too "trivial" in view of the rest of the gear and the small cross painted in the back prféré or I would have a personal plate has instead


recall that the handle of the Gibson SG slightly flatter and especially thanks to the many comfortable + Dunlop frets - high on the Gibsons
each access to acute is much better than on a stratovolcanoes because the heel is lower, the scalopage key from the 18 th box enhances this comfort!

the game is sitting very natural and pleasant
the game is up to him a little uncomfortable to + because of the weight but it's not a Les Paul either
the guitar does not sting the nose thanks to a little exotic positioning of the fastener strap (on top of the dorsal horn), however, saw the positinement straplocks MANDATORY!

this era is the one time I use a Kahler tremolo and I can tell you we are far from any other (vintage, pink floyd, wilkinson, etc ...) because this type of vibrato is unknown and I do not understand why! disconcerting ease of use! held a copy of agreement! a highlight of this guitar!

I put 8/10 ptits the two points are for less weight and a lack of stomach decoupe that my taste would have strengthened the standing comfort in play


it is that I remain very mixed
for the rest even if the guitar is not battery in my tastes I was hooked on, to the sound I'm still looking ...
the fact that there is one mic starts already hugely versatility, lack of tone knob completes the work
the exit for this guitar sound muted, warm and round a neck pickup that can be qualified with the tone
I find it a pity, because given the quality of materials used should have had one clear sounds of a beauty that I can not imagine
but it is apparently not the philosophy of this guitar! Indeed, this guitar is the puree to send!!

we get a clean sound sound highly crystalline metal see, and smacking it very faudras play with the volume knob for not cruncher ..
coupled to a chorus and a reverb ptite we come to have very airy sound in the kind of intro riff to fade to black or deck off master puppet

in crunch given the high level output of the microphone (who would have thought that P90 could pull as much)
we are on the register ofSuite AC / DC is uncompromising cutting dry!
by adjusting the volume knob can be looked up and slamming the brilliant blues of the Texan less fat

the lead in his breath away if wanted the sound is well defined on the whole and allows sending of riffs!

the killswitch works fine but I personally do not see the interest

the overdrive switch is not usable on the clean sound to my taste is too messy, too dark .. but when the amp is in this act as a lead boost and the sound become dark + and + thick, so you get an additional color

hard drive of Note ... I would put 6/10
the lack of neck pickup and the tone knob is sorely lacking in the range of sounds that could be it's a shame to my taste!


difficult to judge! I wish to clarify that this opinion is not 100% objective because it would very much like an account of my personal taste!

this is a guitar of impeccable build quality with a comfortable game similar to what we can find some on this side but with Ibanez Vintage of touch (no flat handle ultra fast or ultra-thin body but 'one would feel at ease ofSuite!
'll like the sound'll like or do not there'll be no half measures ... I have not tried it on an amp "vintage"
but it is apparently not asked to be either vintage

plain one you love or not love this guitar but you do will let you indifferent as this it has a soul and you feel necessarily that are not found in models of large distributions! (Aahh the handmade)
has noted that the model tested is autographed by Francois aka Maigret Shanka of no one is innocent

the +
-Manufacturing quality
-Look unusual (I would put it also in-wholes because the tastes are in nature)
-The mix of qualities of Fender and Gibson in the body
Copy-finishing and details

the -
Absence of neck pickup and tone knob
Sound too-typical
Killswitch-board overdrive and unnecessary for my taste (I would have preferred a tone ^ ^)
-Look out of the ordinary

Equipment used for testing: peavey 6505 + head, Fulltone OCD overdrive, chorus electro harmonix small clone, delay
Marshall echohead

and a big thank you to AMV course which allowed me to try this magnificent achievement