Atrics kelly style
Atrics kelly style

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Juliotrash 11/10/2006

Atrics kelly style : Juliotrash's user review


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Hi All, I just buy a similar MODEL ... the heavy X artic ... ebay .. trs attractive price ... from the field C is the same guitar, except that I have not just the middle-man ...
So no Origone should indicate the manufacturing ...
For me the floyd n no exelente quality is the big worry is that the wheels c voltage jump (faloir it will disassemble and find a solution) because once granted, screws and other long jump .... against by the handle is top quality (not December) and the corp ... still part floyd, I have the impression that the floyd is dj spirit to go quietly ... what always happens on these guitars have the price of a vibrato (it suuffit of the caller behind), so ac is not much to do ...
Mcanique the tension on the bridge are of good quality too ... So a guitar with trs good points, but when the same default key ... tension knobs that pop floyd, c is bad when even ... but for all I'm pretty excited because it is well finished and beautiful even when ...


Channel super enjoyable .....
Access in acute hell ... Ergonomics top (part for storing up ....)
The sound is not bad, trsmtal (although you can put the mic that goes ...)


Multi-level scratching sounds ... I play rather all that is rock c ... and heavy ... and tape (on new amp marchal30 W g) a lot of EHJV!


Well, those prices, and begin, for me, c is the top, which I played for ten years, I am delighted by then .... but be a little ... even when bisdouiller
No, it is a super skyscraper dsquilibre at its various parts (handle on top) mcaniques rack on top, and at the Floyd Crain So here ....
I would say buy all costs!