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All user reviews for the B.C. Rich Draco Onyx

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Ju13090's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"YES!"

B.C. Rich Draco Onyx
Guitar factory in Korea
Gotoh Tune O Matic bridge with string-through
D handle big enough man to handle wholesale
Diapason 05.25
Standard plastic nut
Repere "point" on the edge of the handle
Key ebony
Grover mechanical oil bath of very good bills
24 jumbo frets model 6130 (medium)
Fatass in a humbucking bridge and Rockfield hotrail brand.
A push-pull that lets you toggle the microphone high to low volume and is also general
The hatch knob is tiny, it is just the place to put the knob and surround son around, removing the caution.
Impossible to solder directly into the cavity like any other guitar, it will unscrew the screw push pull knob to remove the hatch and weld al outside the cavity.


The handle is big enough, comfortable, my grip is good, the handle is larger and more resistant than the BC Rich that I have been there ten years.

The frets are well worked, no sharp edges.
Fret not misplaced, everything is perfectly aligned.

Ebony is the key for me first, c is very pleasant, that feeling of "fat", "smoothness" is very comfortable, nothing to do with the keys rosewood.

The guitar is a V shape, so well balanced, it does not sting the nose and no moving parts at least with a good strap nubuck.

There is no repere button and anyway when you have the cheek standing, it is placed almost perpendicular to the ground, it does not see the button, but only the portion of the handle, on which there are forms of reperes point.

More if you play a good height, it al comes to forearms caller in the groove

The access to acute is the same as on a bc rich Jr V, c is nice but this is not so accessible that one or that one Warlock ibanez RG.

For sound, the guitar did that a volume which acts as a push-pull, so you know what to expect s.

The volume is calle below the bridge pickup, c is rare to decrease the volume by mistake, but I find that it turns too easily mean by that just one finger to rotate it without pressing it.

Over the hatch knob is tiny, it is just the place to put the knob and surround son around, removing the caution.

Impossible to solder directly into the cavity like any other guitar, it will unscrew the screw push pull knob to remove the hatch and weld al outside the cavity.


For death metal, perfectly fits the mahogany, rendering very low load and acute mics of origin, see very pronounced treble.
The original mics sound very powerful.

In bridge, we lack nothing if n is that I have found a lack of obvious medium in comparison to the dominance of bass and treble.

The neck pickup sounds great in clear, warm, rich, I'm in love distortion also, I'm not talking about 100 years since (HS ON)

"J I pulled the knob to the off, only there was a BTR j .. so I hard that I used as a switch, it only remains for me the bridge to accessible ...
J have redeemed a push pull 500K that I have not yet re soda to have access to my micro grave. "
J editerais at this moment.

The origins tear mics but I have therefore changed the bridge pickup for a seymour invader SH8 that I had in stock.

C is the charge recess again become low and medium and less acute, pulling my 13-64 am helping my erradiquer treble.

I play on a Marshall double body ValveState 8240

The sonority that is that I prefer c when I put everything back.


Features: 7

-1 For the bridge pickup that lacks medium
-1 For push pull, a push-push switch or would have been welcome
-1 For the access hatch tiny knob

Use: 9

-1 For access to acute

Sound: 8

-2 For microphones, I removed one point each as they are good and powerful but lacks punch medium BUT on a guitar is 900 euros, is expected microphones "professional" type Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, etc. ..

I scratch for 12 years, is my 5th c dugout.

The peculiarity that I prefer this guitar is definitely the key ebony gives me comfort touch very appreciable.

I would do without this choice problem, this BC Rich is same range as the Deluxe Jr. V NJ series warlock and NT of a few years ago.

To summarize this guitar is excellent, very pleasant to the touch, sitting playable if wearing a belt if one plays academic way.

Microphones sends heavy, there is no need to necessarily change as a ibanez but it is a big plus for the metal.

The access to the tweeter is classic shapes V.

The only real negative points are that damn absolutely sucks and push pull door knob was pokey that does not really want to send in the hands welds.

A good 8 out of 10

ODSM's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It's good"

B.C. Rich Draco Onyx
I will not dwell on the description, Glam'z Hard Rebel TRS has done well in the opinion Previous


Super easy to play (with a Reserved, see below), not too heavy, it's nan nan


I do everything except the mtal (although ...) so big visual impression of the electro or song, even if at the micro level it sends a little too funky to make casseroles. But it's good for the fat base, in which the LAN is impeccable, big potato.


Just to give a little BMOL: there are two versions of Draco, the "first production run" (100 copies worldwide) with a tattoo in the shape of vertbre the button, and Draco SERIES normal, which was released just APRS, with key black and white dots again. I am the proud owner of THE FIRST, but it's not too much for zicos like me who do not play every day, which moreover do not know and are just solfge sheet. (It's hard to be included on this set, again without much Defines) In other words if it is just to scratch from time to time, as you do prparez Jsus ( multiplication of the loaves). For most seasoned scratch, I think it's not a problem.

It's really the only default I found the craft. (And can not play sitting either, but like any flyng V)

Overall I put a nice 8
Glam'z Hard Rebel06/06/2011

Glam'z Hard Rebel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" One of the BEST!"

B.C. Rich Draco Onyx
Country: Korea
Bridge: Tune-o-Matic
Channel: Driver
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Fingerboard: Ebony
Mechanical: Groover
No marks on the neck for me but above the neck, the classical points
Pickups: Twin Rail for the handle and HH Rockfield "Fat Ass" in easel
Settings: A Flight / Push Pull (selector / vol 2 in 1)
Body: Mahogany


The handle is a wonder to me, is slipped over, I do not think it is fine and I even feel that it is convex, in short, he reminds me of Les Paul and those he is flat and very practical, good for shred and rhythm!
It is fairly lightweight and not very space-saving shape and fit perfectly in a Gator Extreme Case! Considering the shape and style in which it is moving it is not for play but it is sitting still feasible for me, otherwise very good balance and despite my nylon strap! She did not move a hair! Access to acute, I even know if I need to say, it shows directly ... So simple, the neck-and shape make it a delight for aficionados of the treble!
This gives a good sound easy, in fact it is just a fit, and there is the high class of the input jack is located behind the body of the guitar, so invisible on stage! And the sound of the pickups is really good, that of the handle in clear sounds really good and Rockfield for distortion is really good, it's hot, it sounds good!


It should be really metal for me is the guitar I use for the Black Metal and Death / Trash! I do disappoint anyone by saying that this is not a versatile guitar, it's made for metal, it shows, you can hear the sound it can get, very fat, warm harmonics that make Granny deaf, anywhere on the fretboard, it may sound very clean or well mixed, so as the microphones that we chose, I'll soon be tested that provides an S3 or S4 coupled at 81 or 85 above (it does can ring as well: The body is mahogany!) unfortunately I play on my hi-fi with a distortion pedal behringer ultra metal, but it gives me really good sound with heavy bass and good treble that emerge, j 'waiting to buy a Vox 120 + to tell you how it goes over, already on a VT100 it sounds really good! I do not hate none of its sound, but it remains a personal opinion, I like playing all over the neck and all the strings do not bother!


I have since 1year, I was starting models before this one and a Warlock for 90's and I prefer the playability of Draco! But the Warlock is a close second despite a handle screwed! Having tested a lot of other makes and models dedicated to metal, I recommend it! The finish is clean, neat and bright ... No defects except that it has a Tune-o-Matic and I would have really preferred a Pink Floyd of metal, but it makes a weak argument given the sound it has! This is perhaps not the perfect race for me either but it's still one of the best ever for me, I'm seeking the best and it is listed!
The value for money: Really good for the price was really the quality is not the stuff of m ****, and frankly after a year she still has no scratches, no pets, nothing ' has changed, the hardware is always nickel! Not a rust spot or I do not know what, but I'm also very careful, I wash my hands before playing x) In short it is always fresh!
I would do if this election? For me there's no choice had was a bond, with a mouth like that and sound so good there's no hesitate for a minute!