B.C. Rich Warlock Exotic
B.C. Rich Warlock Exotic

Warlock Exotic, Other Shape Guitar from B.C. Rich in the Warlock series.

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Lonewolf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B.C. Rich Warlock Exotic
The Exotic Warlock is made as much of its counterparts in Korea, with all the small "through" that implies.


5-piece neck-through Maple / Walnut pitch 25.5 "
Ebony (a little clearer and the veining is a little off ...) 24 reference boxes and diamond graphite nut.
The body is Mahogany (Nato or rather seems you) with a table (or rather a veneer) "Spalted Mapple" the famous maple fungus fashionable at the moment , Plating that is also found on the head shape Widow, all framed by a white net.

Note that the new version has the most classic head 6 online and a black net.

In terms of the varnish, it is inevitable poly-urethane found on 90% of Asian production, fortunately, that crap here is fine because not tainted, because, personally, this is I hate most about the asian ... 2mm varnish touched many plastic beark

Level of mechanical hardware found in an oil bath no name quality a bit questionable (we will see in time) and an easel-type Tune-O-Matic with traversing ropes.

The electronics consists of a micro-Rockfield Fat Ass and a higher volume tone (not the new model).

No frills, then, just a building nicely enhanced by the natural finish, and quality is high the price, nothing to envy, nothing to argue against the competition


Good ergonomics ... Ben is far from bad, good, the guitar is bulky (but at the same time I also play on a Gibson Explorer even more cumbersome), there's angles everywhere just waiting to hit everything that moves to to blow the varnish (and yes, the PU varnish it broke at the slightest fart and it can not be repaired well), no chamfer to avoid damaging your baby's skin And finally, play is not really a problem sitting notches are well placed.

The shape of the handle was a little surprised at first, especially because the last 4 years I played almost my Explorer, but I got done quickly, it is relatively pleasant and access to acute is simply outstanding of the neck through.

Last point, given the position of a belt fasteners adorns strap-lock is not a luxury.


The sound, well now, council leader ... Turn this fucking Rockfield, treble and bass gaudy cardboard, nickel to make lo-fi black metal in a room of teenage rebellion phase, to play group is seriously not even bother to think about. So I quickly replaced by a Duncan SH15 (Custom5) and then it sounds, it sounds very well, a well defined, with the growl plain as large loadings.

Obviously the construction with maple neck through the highs and thus promotes the sharp rhythms emerge on their own and lead the parties literally explode


I bought this guitar as a backup guitar for gigs, I felt like a warlock for a long time (Sepultura cradled in the good old days, if before the period if kangaroos in baggy ), But I wanted a proper guitar, BC Rich should at least finish typing in NJ, there is a problem floyd, remains Exotic finishes (natural, therefore, with tables maple or koa) which foresee the same construction, but in fixed bridge and no frills.

And I'm pretty happy with my purchase, value for money and good, at least, no worse than the competition, not better either. The microphone has changed, that I expected, so it is not really a bad surprise.

on the other hand you need a hard case to carry around that kind of scratch if not all angles will make farts at the slightest opportunity, concerns, they are expensive and bulky (longer than my Explo, we seem to be dreaming).