HBS-II, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the Hiram Bullock series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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Value For Money : Poor
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onkelhans's review

The Cort Hiram Bullock Signature II Guitar is made in Indonesia. It is a Strat-Style guitar with a very interesting pickup-configuration: two humbuckers and in the middle a singlecoil. They come from "Mighy-Mite" (I never heard before), but they sound very good (with a fender hot rod deluxe). Fender Strat like there i a 5-way-selector. There is a cfa-3 bridge and self locking tuners. The neck is a very nice maple birdseye, with small frets(they call it "vintage"). This hardware is very good.


You can play this neck very easily. If you are a fast player with a soft touch this combination ( small frets, fine wood and good shape, not too thin)is ideal. There are 21 frets and the contour of the body allows to reach the hihgest frets easily.


I think this guitar is made pop-music,blues and rock. My style is more jazzy. When I play a longer time with my Yamaha AS 2200, I need a little time to get the right felling for the Cort. I use the Cort with a Behringer V-Amp. In this combination there are a lot of interesting and usefull sounds possible. But also without a sound modulation the Cort sound is very good.


I have this instrument since 1,5 years. I like it more, than my other Chery Strat or my ESP Telecaster. It sounds good, looks very nice and has a light weight. The price for this guitar is more than very good. It is fantastic. I would make the same decision. Perhaps I buy another Cort, the G 250, to compare the neck with the latge frets with my hiram model.

Gimiz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HBS-II, Signature Hiram Bullock, body ash handle and key "bird's eye", 2 doubles and 1 single Mighty-Mite, 1 volume, 1 tone, 5-way switch, bridge CFA III, fittings steel color, color "burnt- open pore ", 22 frets, mechanical self-locking, mounted original D'addario EXL120 (042-009).

The appearance is really nice, you can not go unnoticed with the finish "burnt-open pore", and a mechanical color steel look that is both vintage and modern (no it is not ironic XD). It changes from my old Cort G210, a bit too "boilerplate" for my taste (yes, true to Cort ^ ^). I immediately flashed on it by entering my favorite store!

The tuning is great, the vibrato does not change as long as you do not go like a brute. The draft originally proposed (O42-OO9) is a little weak if you are facing very strong rhythmic funk (like drop D and metronome to 220 ^ ^), but perfect if you are more solo. The action is very well done!

The woods are very good, it would not surprise me that the "bird's eye" of the handle is the same as Fender, since Cort guitars assembles some other brands. And of course you will not pay as much ^ ^! 10/10


Having used the Cort, the grip was immediate. For those (those) who have never played a Cort, it comes very quickly, the handle is "docile" and medium frets enjoyable. Ergonomics in Cort is comparable to that of other expensive guitars, the form allows you to play both sitting and standing, and the weight is correct. The tune "classic" 648mm allows for bends fairly easily, and access to the 22nd case is without force.

When you play you can load to account for wood quality and assembly, because the sustain is very good vacuum! The output jack on the table is a good idea to avoid twisting the jack when playing seated, and it looks even more "face" to the guitar;). 10/10 too!


The Cort has always been versatile and a bit-oriented rock (except the series "Gothic": P). The HBS-II is also flexible (it could be even more with splits, but it really is to quibble: D), and is equally suited to all styles of rock, jazz and funk. If you are connected to metal rods to change the type of "slinky top - bottom heavy" (acute soft, low logger mode) and set out the action in height).

I play most often at home on a Roland Micro Cube (mini amp modeling) with Zommer G1X (multi-effects pedal with expression pedal) as a preamp. The humbuckers deliver warm tones, rich in harmonics. Each switch position gives her a very special and it's fun! Just in the center can play vintage sounds without straining. My favorite config: bridge humbucker + Peavey Amp type (sound of Van Halen) disto 8 / 10 + Clean channel on the Cube! A distortion with lots of grain and mediums, very rich in dynamics, we can move on its clear just by acting on the volume. The knob for tone, unlike many others, truly sculpt the sound, and its entire course (not only 2 / 10: P). I've experienced almost every possible sound with the G1X, the best known at the space, and it is stunning! Harmonics are there, the sustain is more than adequate, the dynamics are great! Again for this award is that of happiness! 10/10


I owned a Cort G210 I started in electric guitar. I already had a classical training. After three years of intensive practice, she had suffered a lot (limited run twisted vibrato HS, rotten nut ...): D!
A change of gear was needed, and as said above I immediately flashed on it entering my favorite guitar shop near me. The seller (that I know ^ ^) would do his stocks and then sold it to me for € 400! (On the Net is found at 460 €). He told me that for such a quality in another brand I should buy a Fender American made four times its price, and after tests, I confirm! It's been 3 months that I have and I can not imagine my G210 board (which I sold to a very low price XD)! The HBS-II is not a current model, and was apparently not very successful (perhaps because Hiram Bullock is not well known over here ...). ENJOY! Skip it! Eyes closed! Config for my HBS-II + Micro Cube + G1X = 400 + 120 + 80 = 600 € I have a hell for its half the price of a Les Paul "basic"! I have nothing against the big brands, but Cort is very strong and value for money is ENOOORME: D! A guitarist who have a good foundation can and must buy one ^ ^! I would do this choice, even if I sold it twice! Flawless!