Custom77 London's Burning Raw Power
Custom77 London's Burning Raw Power

London's Burning Raw Power, Other Shape Guitar from Custom77.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Johnny R12/09/2013

Johnny R's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A killer!"

Custom77 London's Burning Raw Power
Made in Korea with specifications Made in Lyon ;-)
Wraparound bridge
Channel 60's style
22 frets
Only 1 P90 Dogear
1 volume, 1 tone

Simple and VERY effective


The handle is very well .... flatter a Epiphone Les Paul hair, but a little wider, suddenly it is the same .... not end, but not huge.
Ergonomics is his strong point (but not only), it is light, and the grip is .... immediate access to acute is easy to share the double cut shape.
The sound? A BUTCHER! it growls, it hums in OD or distortion, and it can be slamming into clean .... only 1 microphone, 2 knobs and BASTA! frankly, this is the kind of scratch or there's no "frills" superfluous, and much more!


I play a lot of punk rock, hard rock "retro", grunge (Nirvana), and it is absolutely perfect for these records! the output level is quite large for a single coil .... Note that dogear P77 in size have more potato than those soapbar format the micro being larger (ie larger coil), I personally much prefer the dogear (I have a LB in Goldtop p77 soapbar).
Sounds? everything thoroughly, the limit can lower the volume a bit, and it's fat in fat! while remaining "vintage" .... for the good old punk (Ramones, Clash ....) this is perfect .... and even with heavy distortion, the sound is pretty accurate, just that must, it's not a big "mush" in clean .... you can get a good slamming (Superstition Stevie Wonder eg style) ... the nice little crunch are not left out either, really quite versatile for a simple scratch .....

I use a Bugera V22, a Marshall MG30 CFX, a Boss DS-2 (géniale!) OD tube Behringer VT 999 and a compressor Modtone Lemon Squeeze some cleans.

I love all the sounds, on the other hand it is clear that it is not made to play Death Metal ..... P90, it still remains a simple ....


I use it for 6 months now, and I'm always thrilled ..... I have an Epi Les Paul standard, a Londond's Burning p77 Goldtop, and I tried the China Girl in Custom 77 (SG copy ) that I did not like it at all incidentally, too loud .....
In what I know of at 77 C, it is this one my favorite, without hesitation.
Pros: the look, simplicity, ergonomics, SOUND reasonable weight (I do not like too light scratch)!
The -: not much ..... some kinks finishes, almost imperceptible, but it's a shame ..... other than that .....

I found the Q / P ratio very, very good ..... I think this mic is really a success, the soapbar less taped me, although very accurate, and doubles in C77 are good, not great, but this is only my personal opinion .....
And then she has a good small mouth LP Junior ....

I would do this choice without hesitation! For me this is THE Rock Guitar own!

berdeforcal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Custom77 London's Burning Raw Power
Made in Korea on a French specification.
the hardware for a little over a year did not ask me no problem
The handle is fully adapted to my hand, I find it perfect
The mic is fabulous, as I am not a fan of humbuckers Custom77 home, as the P77 is just fabulous.


As I said the handle is ideal for me, access to treble is perfect (double cutaway), light guitar that I use in my work ranges on the bench watching TV.
I love color, I fell for this guitar-it's because the replica of the TV Junior Johnny Thunders.
The crunch sound is perfect, and even large distortion I find it not bad. Clean sound is a little light but this guitar is not made for that. In Custom77 for nice clean sounds I London's Burning CS3 P77 is perfect. There with a microphone is not made for. So I find her super


With my little fender champion 110, it is awesome, I disto couple or with a boss ds2 is a digitech death metal. Ideal for the power chord. I think if I were less stupid than I am not separate from me and my princeton reverb deluxe, it would be a killer.


Excellent guitar, she had no lack of finishing, it has not budged and the microphone is great, not more expensive. I recently played on a Gibson sg faded, there's no photo, I prefer my raw power, the handle of a trunk is faded SG roughened near the finish and not to fall down (although microphones is good).
what I like most is that it is simply great, a nice little scratch and not expensive at all. Younger I had a fender MusicMaster 78 and although it is not next to a nail. I compared with guitars in the same spirit of course.

sam_zeterro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Custom77 London's Burning Raw Power

The lady is made in Korea.

Matrial and construction:

- Channel 3 pices mahogany (mahogany)
- Mahogany body (mahogany)
- Channel collbr /> - Profile lgrement handle larger than the type 60's
- Rosewood fingerboard (rosewood)
- 22 frets
- Vintage Kluson Deluxe Mcaniques type
- Wraparound Bridge
- Synthetic Bone Nut
- D'Addario Strings Set 10-46
- Weight: approx 3.3 kg


- Champagne Colour, gloss
- Fittings chrombr /> - dot inlays acrylic button
- Black Plate
- Buttons black Top Hat type


- 1 Micro Alnico "P77", type P90
-1 Volume Knob
- 1 Tone Knob

Mine has a few default varnish (very lgre sag on the back of the neck) and some small paint rats. Otherwise, no problem anywhere else. For the price, it is very correct!


Channel end well rounded, super enjoyable, varnish, yet quite rich, do nothing to ESG dplacement along the handle. CHAC is acute in a very simple thanks Double Cut shape.

For the form, it is highly insipire the LP Jr DC in Gibson, as well diffrent while, making its charm. Ergonomic level of play, I played on a Stratocaster shape, the abdominal champfrein missing, but the game even when sitting still quite comfortable. For the game up, it stings a little nose, but well off a good strap should solve the problem. She is not heavy trs, despite its thickness and the wood it is made, not insurmountable with a good strap.


Is a spade not a complicated Rock'n'Roll! One branch, we put it all back, and sends STRID!
Ms. vacuum it sounds wonderful, with a sustain loooooooog <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" />

I play Hard Rock to Punk, and she dmerde throughout these areas. The sound is full, rich, Defines, equilibrated fat everything right. I play a Fender Frontman 212R and clean it a little EHJV its unique micro, despite a very tonal and volume ffective. However, its potential is rvle balance when the disto (I play on a Double Muff)! Then my freeholds, one gets a slap STRID. The four RULES By creating a bump in mdium (not a low!), We get a big well, fat. It remains even when I push Defines the gain of the Muff has full speed. Gain level, remains a reasonable, not standard, not feeble. Should not hsiter to attack the strings well greedily, a spit louder! The schredder we forget, but I think it was going to be <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" />


Bought it one week, I use it for 4 days. It can be tt to an opinion, but j'diterais probably a few months, just to see how this old shovel in the opinion of my ears.
I have not tried mass of MODEL, and not a single home Custom77. I tried an Epi LP in which I was due.

I love its shape and color, which really changed everything we see everywhere. I like the fact that it is very simple, no frills, it's gross!
The sound is a killer for the price, has from the time we play the big rock couillu.

The report is qualitprix INTERESTED trs, trs given the low default it a. I would do this choice, a thousand times if need be, I'm Fully satisfied with this little moth!

3 months back APRS: APRS three months of play more or less intensive, I fix a few things on my mind:

The -:


I noticed a little sagging of varnish on the handle, not top ...

The mcaniques are really cheap, if like me, you like having a perfect tune, you often connect in a few taut Bend.

The knobs, the race is not progressive enough.

Hardware, really really sucks!

Plastics, a little too cheap




Its still a "wow"

The guitar is just trs, throughout the race



PS: I currently have a problem of Tone on my own, see if the pots died, confirming that the knobs are really a shit ...