ESP F Standard S
ESP F Standard S

F Standard S, Other Shape Guitar from ESP in the Forest series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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ekerisann's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP F Standard S
Guitar-Japanese (like the brand)
-24 Frets, EMG 81 in bridge and EMG 60 in neck
-Tune-o-matic and tailpiece Gotoh Stop Bar, mechanical oil bath Sperzel
-1 Volume knob, 1 tone knob, 3-position selector type Gibson
Driver Channel maple with ebony fingerboard and jumbo frets
- Mahogany body

A very noble is for this guitar, perfection was a split with a 85 and volume / tone for each pickup independent but ...


Handle very easy to learn, the key is nice and for my part I like the sleeves standards with Jumbo frets so everything is good
Access to acute is rather easy, the neck-and help shape not too extravagant.
The guitar at an average weight, fortunately it does not address the body and is thought to play either standing as sitting.
Get a good sound is easy, just know how to use a selector position is the sonic palette here is very generous.
Only regret the lack of marks on the handle (in favor of a nice little picture), but the slice is of course the usual strong points, so it's really 9 but for the sake of detail.


I mainly play metal but I have a clean sound worthy of the name and quite round, by using neck pickup EMG 60 and so we immediately deal with a distortion of quality, its clear and convincing enough melody for the flights in neck pickup.
The sound is rather sharp, well-balanced allowing the amp to highlight the frequency you prefer carefree.
Noise level like everything in this guitar course, very vintage styles or requiring its crystalline and hot will not made a great but already seen the form and the firm expected!
A 85 would have been the ideal complement of 81 in my opinion (for the split) but it's still more versatile than a couple of 81


This skyscraper has been paid to a friend and I could enjoy a few hours ...
I love everything about this guitar even if left to put that price I'll manage to get a round of 85 in series and individual knobs but good.
The price / quality ratio is average, the guitar is very pleasant but a few hundred dollars less and would have a real killer!
If I could I would offer very happy but searching to find it at a price still more preferably, except that, not much to complain about.
slash velvet revolver09/03/2008

slash velvet revolver's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESP F Standard S

- Made in Japan
- Mahogany body,
- Channel Driver, 24 boxes, maple,
- Ebony fingerboard, Jumbo frets,
- Pop "ESP" Sanskrit at 12th fret,
- Micros EMG81 and 60, active electronics,
- 1 tone control and a volume.
- Stop Bar Tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic Gotoh,
- Mechanical self-locking oil immersed Sperzel,
- Black hardware.


Nothing to say, ESP is one of the most trusted brands, no bad surprises upon arrival.
A body that is fantasy (yes ^ ^) powerful sound, accurate and boosted!

- Comfort: it's a pretty heavy guitar which is nice for the stability of the guitar when playing, whether you are sitting or standing (can be hard after a few hours to wear all gear ..) but nothing too bad we have seen worse. The handle with the jumbo frets and above all, must the ebony keys must offer a rare comfort, both for rhythm and for soloists (relatively broad, but not end it's a perfect compromise if you hit at a time the solos and heavy riffs ^ ^).
I personally never had so many facilities to play some solos, very easy access to acute.
Large sets of strings (heavy Tirana) to easily find their place without flinching this guitar.
And mechanical self-locking are just perfect ... it does not move a real pleasure!

- Sound: As I said ... large, powerful, precise, and sustain overboosted crazy!
The clean sound sounds good, but clean and round we saw more on the other hand in terms of saturation ... it kills ^ ^ you touch perfection, the sound has an impressive presence ... .. short ESP is undoubtedly a guitar metalleu finally the sound you dream (Machine Head, Killswitch Engage ...) but happiness through EMG active pickups;)


I play metal so this guitar fits perfectly with my style of play because it's not a really versatile guitar, but focused "big sound".
I use an amp head H & K warp7 + baffle which drooled a little bit of saturation but my host ESP with sufficient grace and power, or if not on my Marshall VS100 combo that shows me the full extent of the accuracy of the F std S.
I am open to if granted with a game 12/54.
Nothing I dislike the sound of this guitar, I was captivated by its forms and class. May be the clear sound that lacks crystalline but nothing nasty ....

Ps: the volume knob is placed just below the bridge pickup, playing "open hand" I happened to touch playing and accidentally turn the volume down .. rather embarrassing, the sudden I felt as add knob making it a bit tougher this .. well my tip helped ...)


I use it for 1 year and 2 months.
I'm crazy shapes, and touched by this ESP, quality finishes and especially the sound.
I had never touched one before this one .. ESP just Ltd. who had disappointed.
The price is right, over the shop where I bought me a great price 1485 euros for only less than 2 months of waiting. It is a high-end guitar what more normal!
I had a VIGIER before, not regret the ESP F STD S is a much better my game I was able to install a large Tirana and the choice I would do without hesitation!