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MGR/Wah-Wah Lead Guitar 07/30/2004

Gibson Marauder : MGR/Wah-Wah Lead Guitar's user review

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I bought this guitar off a shelf in a music store simply because I was curious enough to plug it in. It was just sitting there in the middle of this store full of fenders, and a bunch of low-end guitars. So, when I plugged it in, I knew I'd found the perfect blues guitar. I talked the dealer from $460 to $420, and took it home.

Probably the best thing about this guitar is how unique it is. You will never find a guitar quite like this. It has the Gibson name, so that means value, but the problem is; almost everybody mistakes it for a Les Paul. This is not a Les Paul, it is a Marauder. If I were to use one word to describe the LP, I would use hot. Whereas the one word for the Marauder would be cool. When you try to play metal, you might get some resistence, but if you're a good player, you can master any style of music on this. Mine has a wine red finish, Gibson deluxe tuners, and Lawrence pickups, and they all came that way from the factory. The unique feel of a humbucker at the neck and a single coil at the bridge is wonderous. I get dark dirty rhythms and wailing screaming leads. And when you put them together, you're in blues city. Just try playing some chops in this mode and you'll agree.

Anything on this guitar that I wouldn't like and therefore would change, would take away from the uniqueness that I love. Sure I could put in Seymour Duncan pickups, but then it would sound just like all the other guitars out there that do. This guitar has a very wide, fat bridge that is spaced farther from the stopbar than usual. I could put in a tune-o-matic, but the big bridge has a fat sound, and the spacing helps me bend the open strings. (Pushing on them between the bridge and bar.) Actually the only thing I don't like about this guitar are the controls. I like having two volume and two tone for two pickups (makes sense, doesn't it?) but this guitar has one of each. Also, there is a slight wiring problem, (on my individual instrument), if I turn the volume below 7, I get no sound. But this is at no fault to the guitar.

Have you ever dropped a $2000 guitar? I haven 't. Wonder what profanity you'd scream out if you did? That is probably because you would damage it. I sleep tight with my Marauder, because it is indestructible. If I drop it on a concrete floor (hypothetically), it would get a ding, and throw it out of tune. They best thing about this guitar is it's so solid. It's quality... it's great for the fact that these instruments never costed more than $500. But there are some problems. Like a maple (vs. mahogany) neck, a bolted on (vs. set in) neck, and the controls which I've mentioned. But I'd still rate it above any Fender that was made in Mexico. This is a U.S. guitar, no less.

The most important thing about this guitar (if you should ever come across it) is to respect it. It will be a very old instrument (late twenties maybe?), and not super versatile like say, a stratocaster. But you wouldn't play an ES (electric spanish) like an explorer, and you wouldn't play an SG like a telecaster. So don't play this like a Les Paul. Get used to the feel of your instrument, and don't force it to do what you want. And if you play any blues, all I have to say to you is- Get Carried AWAY!

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