Godin G-3000

Godin G-3000

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G-3000, Other Shape Guitar from Godin in the G series.

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Godin G-3000 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Godin
  • Model:G-3000
  • Series:G
  • Category:Other Shape Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 01/27/2010

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Godin G-3000 user reviews


Whybeblue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin G-3000
-Achet Just over 7,500 francs (about 1,200 euros) New in 1994
- Manufactures hand the USA with Canadian Net woods
- Body Maple slectionn one pice what distinguishes G 1000 and 2000 who have bodies in three lime pieces
- Able handle one pice with maple key reports 24 cases
- Frets indestructible and yet it is my main guitar for 16 years!
- The old varnish (like Fender premires) and breathable wood, but is very weak (on my guitar it is cracked heel It's ugly but you know what. wants a varnish that clump sound or varnish that lets the wood speak.
- Microphones KMD electronics (a firm of arospatial ...) instead of Godin quipent the G1000, 2000 and 5000. In other words, it sounds like hell!
- Schaller tremolo black and gold bearing instead of the vintage vibrato G 1000
- Mechanical Schaller black oil bath.
- Perlod plate type 60's.
Both say right away that we are dealing a high-flying guitar in quality worthy of a Fender Custom Shop! Godin really the road ... Everyone knows that. This guitar is much less rare than rpendu G 1000 and 2000. It is much more directed roots image of Steve Ray Vaughan Stratocaster.


The handle is slightly wider than my Fender US standard, it is ultra comfortable, the medium frets slip under the fingers. Here again, we feel that it's better than a Fender finished, the handle of the Fender made plastic ct. It's an unexplainable feeling but we feel that Godin's over hand. The ergonomics are perfect, the guitar is pluttlgre over my Gibson SG. For sounds with 2 single and one double + a 5-way switch, it's not complicated to find his way.


The sounds are the main strength of the guitar, powerful hot and full, crystalline in position 2 and 4, it sounds a lot more than a fender standard US rac. In fact the sound is very close to the Steve Ray Vaughan. It is ideal for playing blues, rock vintage. The humbucker sounds very well clean, it has a lot of bite and is well Charpent. It is very powerful, much more than double my Gibson, it is very close to the sound of a PRS Custom 24. 2 singles have a lot of grain, it's really my standard strat Superior , no comparison. The quality of wood gives a full and rich sustain. In clean as saturated guitar sounds great. This is for a guitar stupfiant 1200 euros ... We really think a luthier guitar. The Gibson SG fought sewing flat in the register Hard Blues / Blues Rock. As the Fender, we really feel like a toy but if you play the variety genre Goldman, Fender and lack of personality suit you maybe better. Nevertheless Godin a very wide range, from jazz to metal, through funk and blues it ensures everywhere.
With Godin, it is easy to take for Knofler First pridode also ideal for playing Hendrix.


Apart from the fragile veneer, this guitar has no default, it gives the very high end and in addition it is rare because Godin especially destined to the market in amricain priority. A large class of guitar, violin with an outstanding ...

spinko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin G-3000
Not much to add prcdent notice. G 3000 is immediately recognizes compared to G 2000 and G 1000 steps protection plate pearly vibrato Schaller knives and unique colors available, the sunburst. Everything is said, we are in the pure vintage sound ...
After the relative success of the craftsman wanted to revive the brand directly concurrenant Fender Stratocaster on the American market. O On the installation of a factory in the US to produce the model of the series G:

- The G 1000 and 2000 to gnrique sounds between the range and had to compete with Fender Standard Strat
- G 3000 with vintage blues sound had to compete with Fender SRV and reissue 58 '
- The G 4000 and G 5000 are oriented Mtal rock and had to compete with Jackson.

When I Got G 3000 is the Russia of the G series, it possde the warm sound of a Fender 60s and manufacturing quality to complete A Guitar luthier.

-The Body of the guitar is entirely RALIS solid maple.
-The Neck is maple with a single pice with 24 cases, faster than a Fender neck but keeping a good curve under the palm for playing the blues.
- Key fret maple and nickel ultra hardwearing, it does not are ringing in 14 years of intensive use.
- The varnish is a varnish like cel on guitar luthier or premires fender, it is fragile and tend to crack the heel but leaves "breathe" wood, unlike polyester varnish that is longer but solid tuft sound.

- The 2 single pickups are KMD (an English brand that manufactures high-end amps and effects crankset), the humbucker is a Seymour Duncan. In short, the microphones also give the upscale unlike the G1000 and 2000 which are teams of Godin pickups.

For 7200 francs in 1996 (1200 euros), this guitar is worth 5 times more expensive fender, gender OUR STRAT.


The handle is both fast as a handle of Ibanez and comfortable as a fender short, you can play solo hendrixiens as the clapton blues, anything goes.
The guitar is heavier than a strat but the shape lets go play on the desti- nations most recently boxes.
The guitar is ergonomic and original: this is not an umpteenth strat copy, it's a good point, and then they remark in the concerts ...


If you are a fan of blues (Clapton, Knofler, Hendrix, Vaughan), the G 3000 is the ideal guitar, the sound is much warmer than on a standard or Tom Anderson fender, as stated the opinion pr cdent it is very close to a mountain in texas special strat plus the opportunity to have his brawny for solos or riffs.
Positions 2 and 4 are crystal clear, ideal for playing Little Wing, the neck pickup is a bit rough, it is ideal for blues, position 3 gives a broad ventail but I use it mainly to play funk.

By varying the tonalities can even get a sound Jazzmaster ....

In clean as distortion, the Godin is an exceptional guitar. Spcial mention to humbucker screaming all bends death saturated.


I possde thirty guitar, Godin is among the best in the ct my telecaster 62 '. A Russianness intgrale both in violin making at the level of microphones.

lindse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin G-3000
On the handle there is just marked G series USA
there is just a sticker behind which states that it is a G 3000.
Another sticker accuracy of all Hand-Crafted in the USA, ie assembled by hand in the USA.
no serial number.
I bought the guitar there two weeks for $ 500, I was looking for a compromise between my Strat Deluxe plus and my Gibson studio to play on stage without switching guitars.
I liked the shape and when I tried the shot me away!
The color sunburst (apparently the only color available for the G 3000)
Schaller tremolo bridge with black knives dorbr /> pearly plate.
I read on the internet that the pickups are Seymour Duncan but further notice saying that they are KMD ... It's funny because I had a strat 83 (E3) equipped KMD microphones! Finally, regardless of the sound is devilish.
handle "rock maple" maple and key.
The varnish is also cracked, on mine at the heel, but we are all a luthier with the seller and the maker says c'tait just aesthetic, so I bought the guitar.
The guitar is in maple which makes it snapping my fender Alder more reactivates the shot mdiateur.
500 euros for a skyscraper USA made hand I would put good 10 but because of the varnish cracked, I put 9/10


The handle is really very comfortable over the fender deluxe US, it is Miaux finish and faster, you can play very fast like a Ibanez handle without the flat side and make Bend 3 tones like a Gibson. The best race I've had in the hands ...
Access to acute super fastoche well balanced guitar.
Solid maple body provides a very long sustain notes, really well.
Use: blues, rock, hard, jazz, anything but cold Mtal because the pickups are very warm with lots of grains.


The great strength of this guitar are overdrives and saturations. They are amazing, the best I've heard, but I possde a Gibson Lespaul studio, fender deluxe addition, LTD 500 ... The saturation of single coil flows like honey, humbucking sending sound more raucous than my Gibson. It's really beautiful, whether on a transistor marshall or fender twin lamp. This is what I heard the best! The LTD and EMG is completely dropped. Really weird ... Ideal for playing Hendrix or fawn pink floyd the wall.
For clean sounds, I would say they are more funky than the fender, and more slamming lens. The neck pickup possde quite warm sound to play modern jazz.
This guitar wants to ten times the price! But I had a pass possd by ST godin artisan whose microphones had not convinced me. Godin has made great effort with the G 3000, probably to conquer the market Amricain ...


I must admit, the Godin G 3000 is the Fender Deluxe Superior. Violin (solid maple finish hand) is significantly higher. The pickups are also better for having this quality on a Fender, take a Masterbuilt 4000 euros.
I think I just had the guitar (Tom Anderson, Suhr, Jackson, Ibanez Sabre, ESP Fender strat ... 83 and 98 deluxe, Gibson SG and Lespaul Studio etc ...)
For the price and even for triple the price, it is really very hard. Try before you invest 1500 euros in a fender lower quality.
A truly amazing thing: distos that sounds better than my Les Paul ...

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