Hagstrom Deluxe
Hagstrom Deluxe

Deluxe, Other Shape Guitar from Hagstrom in the Deluxe Series series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 2 reviews29 %
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Coco65's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice guitar."

Hagstrom Deluxe
This guitar was made in China, and I got it in 2008.
It has 22 frets, and 2-humbucker pickups.
It also has a volume knob and a tone knob.


The handle is nice, fast access to the higher notes is easy.
The sound of this guitar is rather to play Hard Rock, or it is very suitable for metal. But adjusting well, you can eventually find its more Blues / Rock, which can also move towards the sound of traditional blues.
I also have many shape, imitation Les Paul.


At first I was "nag" in musical style (Metal or Hard Rock genre Scorpions), and therefore the sound I liked. But lately, I started to play quieter things (Blues), so I use less.
It easily gets fat and saturated sound, without too much special settings.
I use this guitar (rarely) with my Roland amp, so a notice is given above.


I now use this guitar for a long time (about 5 years), and I'm happy with the sound it produces.
What I like most about her is the popping sound it 'spits' with the bridge pickup, but the finishes are perfect.
I also really like the head, with the reason for the Hasgtröm brand.

segar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Deluxe
The wood comes from North America, Korean electronics, and everything is assembled in Korea.
The guitar has 22 frets, fixed bridge "Long Travel Tune-o-Matic (rather massive) and 6 mechanical Hagstrom has oil bath.
The two humbuckers are Hagstrom Custom 58, equipped with a 3 position switch, a volume knob and tone common to the two microphones. Unlike the Super Swede, the microphones are not splitables, which is a shame (I will return later).
The body and neck are mahogany, the fingerboard is ebony composite.
The set neck is rather thin, with a C-shaped, round and relatively flat.
The finish is flawless, the paint is very neat and pleasant to the touch, the finish is very well made sequined (after, it depends on taste, I find it very ugly, but it is only my opinion).
Transparent red paint that covers the back and the neck lets see the veins of mahogany, a beautifully rendered.
Guitar exudes solidity (in part due to its weight, and massive bridge) and reliability. One small defect disturbs the impression; heads mechanical plastics, not creepy.
From the aesthetic point of view, one must love, as the body shape (cross between an LP and a TV in addition rondouillette), the head and the mechanical, especially the glitter finish.
But there is always the guitar is very well designed, with a clean finish, which gives off a real feeling of solidity.
Special mention to mechanical guarding well the agreement.
I takes 7 because of the lack of split and mechanical plastics.


The handle is very nice, as barre chords solo. It is quite fine and fast but still comfortable. Access to the treble is fairly good, AC is not worth a superstrate, but for form, not bad. The ebony fingerboard is very sweet and very pretty. The junction body is round at the 17th fret and the heel is not profiled, but the wide-cutaway catching AC and no harm was a stroll to the last boxes.
The guitar is pretty heavy (not as a Super Swede, but more than a Les Paul), but is comfortable and well balanced.
I put 8 because of access to acute still room for improvement and weight, even so.


When empty, the guitar already has a considerable projection, and a tight grain.
I play a Fender Champion 600 with a TS9, a DS2, and a Metalzone BigMuf. Sometimes I add a little chorus and reverb.
With its clean: Mirco handle: The guitar has a beautiful sound, full bass and low mids, but not stifled so far. The sound is perfect for walks in arpeggios, solos or clean.
Intermediate: one keeps the tone of the neck pickup, but with more treble and clarity, more air canopy treble. The sound is always focused low mids, fairly round and gras.Il responds well to the game in line, but still lack a little slap. A split would have been more than welcome, and really could boost the capabilities of this guitar clean sound.
Bridge pickup: The sound is loud, anemic, no trunk, not really beautiful and difficult to use. Damage.
When we add an overdrive, the guitar responds well, it makes a very pleasant growl, perfect for a good blues. By pushing the gain, the neck pickup is starting to get a bit messy and lack of attack. It triggers a distortion and the bridge pickup has its place! The sound is rock with a tight grain, and comes in, without becoming criada, always with a nice seat in the lower mids. When you push the distal stronger, the guitar is rough and lacks precision. A bit limited for metal then.
In conclusion, this guitar is well suited to the pop-rock, blues, rock hard and goes up, unable to push up metal. His sound fat and thick clean also makes it less suitable for funk and soul. It offers excellent sound, with a signature and a character all its own.
I put 7, because the bridge pickup to clean, and lack of precision micro handle distortion.


I use this guitar for 1 ½ months. It is not for me, my maker lent me while he was performing repairs on mine (Hagstrom Super Swede).
I tried quite a few models in the same vein (Hagstrom, Gibson, Epiphone, Vintage ,...)
This guitar is really different from the Swede. Can not say one is better than another, but I find the Swede more complete, and with a more versatile. But it is also slightly more expensive.
In its price range is the Deluxe a good choice. She finally buries an Epiphone (most expensive too), but without arriving at a Gibson, but there is a sacred price difference.
The value for money is very good. There's something for his money for 500 € it is entitled to a serious instrument, reliable and very well finished, with a real character.
According to the sound as for finishing, it is a matter of taste!


Ptosh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the alternative!"

Hagstrom Deluxe
Made in China
Standard tune-o-matic
and tailpiece of the mark (modern, well built overcharged)
22 frets
Custom 60 pickups brand
a Tone

handle very end (H-expender), resin buttons

10 because I put a lot of points are specific to the brand and it's pretty rare these days, usually marks the mid-range point by point the specifics of Gibson or Fender .....


the handle is really perfect for my taste ...

I play all styles without penne game

the guitar is a little heavy but well balanced choices overcharged

The downside to the selector that seems a bit faiblar I will change probably


paul is typed but fairly modern, versatile overcharged.

I find the really good mics serious

The bridge pickups without changing ... (I wait a SH4 ...)
but I agree that the marriage of the two gives something good
after the up grade I think it will be Royal

edit: sh-4 set up is excellent, it blends beautifully with the original pickups serious (custom 60). combining the two gives distos chaleureuses.les sounds hoarse crunch become excellent, the violin is enhanced by the sh 4, which is when the same microphones dessu Hagstrom (and rightly so). I did not increase note well enttendu but up grade the note rises to 9.5 in terms of sonnorité.


aquise in 2009 (No. starts with 07 so I do not know the year of manufacture)
to have tried some other models and other models of the brand, comfort is truly excellent in Hagstrom
finishes very correct for the price
the violin seems to take the road
electronics do not turn up to play me now
I really regret not
I think the guitars made in Asia in recent years are getting better ...


Ptosh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Deluxe
- Mahogany body (thickness 45 mm) with table Maple Flamm (10 mm)
- Manche al Mahogany,
- Composite wood fretboard DOTS Hagstrom repres,
- Rglage Rod H-Expander,
- Scale 629 mm,
- Mcaniques Hagstrom oil bath
- 2 Hagstrom Custom 60, slecteur 3 positions,
- 1 volume, 1 Tone,
- ChevaletPice up between the strings and the soundboard of the Tune-O-Matic instrument with strings Hagstrom block.
-fabriqu CHINA

amber sunburst model


-Manche Very pleasant, very good polish qualitbr /> -Access to acute easy
-ergonomie good standing, but not as good as sitting stomach Chanfrain is not very dug ... it's a detail ..
-the two microphones are of good quality, especially for this price! (All times I use very few microphones easel generally)


-for the sound is very typ LES PAUL
-I play on my Hugues & Kettner 60dfx

I beuacoup playing different things but it's always in the spirit vintage rock or reggae ... this guitar is ideal for the registry (well I think)


Reu there Weeks

the +
quality violin
jouabilitbr /> acastillage
sonnorit (sustain +++)
and finally the price!

the - (admetons in that there is less to be ... ^^)
weight (4.5 kg) ... so good rigor strap
have a small pickgard was nice
and then the history of stomach chamfer
.... I try but I find no other!

with the experience I would say that is seems better qu'epiphone or others for the same price if it was therefore limited again I'll take a super suede, 200 euros more but we have to be very approximated much of models off of the famous brand prices while leaving some type gear lambda guitarist .....

edit after 8 months: really excellent guitar, versatile and has gure need a change of pickups. I also see it taken moyenne75 euros <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt="mrgreen" />

Matay's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Deluxe
- 22 frets
- Corps Acajou (thickness 45 mm) with flamed maple top (10 mm)
- Set Mahogany neck
- Touch wood composite benchmarks DOTS Hagstrom
- Rod H-tuning Explander
- 629 mm Pitch
- Mechanical Hagstrom oil bath
- 2 Hagstrom Custom 60 Pickups
- 3 position selector
- 1 volume, 1 tone
- Tune-O-Matic with power cords Hagstrom


It is a rather thin neck, very nice for those with small hands (like me). Handle fast enough, access to acute is not difficult.
Good ergonomics for me, nice shape, very good finish, despite its weight about 4.5 kg approaching but still restte surpportable.
The clean sound is really good. We just play R'n'B, jazz, rock always through the hard rock or metal. Very versatile guitar.


This guitar is well suited to my style of music because I play a little bit of everything and given its versatility is perfect for me.
I play on an amp Line6 SIPD III 30 watts and a multi effect pedal Zoom G2.u1
The clean sound is particularly good, but I do not neglect the sound distortion which remains largely drinking anyway.
Crunch sound I like a lot, but when it's heavy saturation of the Death Metal style etc ... I like it less because it does not really reflect the guitar


I use the past 8 months.
What attracted me to this guitar is the originality of his head with a nice picture on it kom Spearhead, a rather unusual head shape has attracted much my eyes.
Before I tried to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, a PRS Singlecut, an ESP EC-1000 (but too expensive for a first guitar).
For me it's a very good price / quality ratio.
If in the future we'll propose again an I will not say no!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Deluxe
I reu few days ago my guitar Hagstrm Deluxe. Manufactures in Asia. Equipped with two microphones double Hagstrm brand. There is a button "volume" and another "tonalitquot;.


The handle is trs enjoyable, rather thin, and fast. Access in acute is not difficult.L ergonomics is satisfactory, despite a weight of 4.5 kg.


The sounds can consider playing rock, or even mtal, blues, disco, and even The variety of (non-exhaustive list!). Specially mentioned for his clear, beautiful. I prcise I play a Line 6 spider 15.
Sustain trs satisfactory.

I add that I will receive a new ending for little amp, more simple, modlisation, brand Vox. J'espre and get a sound that makes it more Fidler qualities of this guitar.


The highlight of this guitar: report quality / price. A nice finish, ergonomics treats, rich sound and quality ... that you ask for?
I hsit a long time before me this guitar. I tried an Epiphone, a yamaha ... I do it again this choice without hsiter.

toto974's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hagstrom Deluxe
This guitar my friends ...
22 meter cargo, 2 humbuckers, set neck volume and tone button
Made in Malaysia
end round so it provides very fast really fast game quite disconcerting


The handle end is really very enjoyable to play we go from severe acute in no time with still a last access to the cargo that requires a little practice
is a relatively heavy guitar but it is fine sitting position because it is very well balanced


I play Led Zep, Jehro (reggae) and the asset is missing from my game
sound very hot to the gibson les paul
and with crystal clear sound trooppp bonnn
I say to you c more than a pleasure to play with
I played with a VOX AD 50 VT
and given the number of amp and effect settings of the guitar (which unfortunately is still quite difficult to have) it turns head only
The grip is really fast and is very very fun to play


I use it for one month and frankly I was not beat that price
and I do it again the same choice
do not trust a beautiful picture on the internet because in real life ... it is ten times more beautiful
the sound is warm round tt is simply magnificent
do it again if I do it again right away
esseill and enter the closed circle Hagstrom