Hamer Slammer Series Californian
Hamer Slammer Series Californian

Slammer Series Californian, Other Shape Guitar from Hamer.

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Value For Money : Excellent
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mattias eklundh03/12/2007

mattias eklundh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hamer Slammer Series Californian
-Guitar made in Korea by Hamer, the medium / high-end home as Hamer said Nydaunvan. As against the body but not maple basswood (basswood). Red varnish on my own, of excellent quality. The guitar is from 1995 and no pet.

-27 Frets, one humbucker (in bridge) and a single coil (with handle) Hamer home and not in the words of Duncan Design the previous opinion.

Bridge-licensed Floyd Rose

-1 Volume and a 3-position selector.

Bolt-on maple, rosewood fingerboard, wide (43mm at nut) and very flat, much more than the Ibanez RG for example. This is the thinnest neck I've ever had in his hands. Medium jumbo frets in my opinion (mine were already hot frets so hard to say).

The input jack is the same as the Stratocaster, only it is placed on the edge of the body, which is aesthetically beautiful and original as well as being very practical. No risk of picking up the same jack by jumping into the crowd. A mechanical oil bath basics. Nothing to report except that a nylon ring cleared out over that of low E. I repeat that the guitar has more than twelve years. Finally the woods are of excellent quality without reaching the high end and varnishes are also excellent. The rest of the finish is perfect in every way.


-For me, the handle is absolutely exceptional. It will be difficult to move from a Stratocaster or a Les Paul guitar that was because I remember it is very flat (but then very flat) and very broad. But once used can not play anything else. He slips in hand (thank you to the beautiful varnish), is very fast and we take great pleasure to play it in all styles. But again it is a matter of habit because of the sleeves used thicker tired very quickly at the wrist and palm of the hand (and no comment is talking about the neck of the guitar!).

Access to acute-perfect until the 27th box.

Perfect ergonomics, also, the guitar is quite light and fairly balanced. Playing is very pleasant to stand this. The only drawback concerns the pickup selector to which access is a bit bothered by the stem of the floyd. For rapid change is not very practical.

"I changed the original pickups with a Seymour Duncan TB4 bridge and into a Dimarzio HS3 in handle. However, after changing I realize that the old pickups were excellent. I expected a great change in her and in fact not at all. The sound is just a little more clear is all, precise. But if you have the original pickups and you decide to change it, think it twice, ca is not worth the investment. Unless something radically different to the style humbucker EMG or less powerful.

Otherwise the sound itself is really excellent, very powerful, excellent sustain (even if it is not the strong point of the sound). The sound is very malleable, it is in fact what we want. Turning the volume knob and you're in!


-Absolutely. I play shred one hand, to please me because I'm a fan of Steve Vai and Malmsteen or other Eklundh, and grunge with my group. The two styles go nickel. The blues also with Hendrix and the rock / funk with Red Hot go nickel.

-I play a Pod XT Live connected to a Sony Hi-Fi, more or less high end.

I-Pod With access to any sound. ALL styles go without compromise. From blues to thrash metal there is nothing wrong, the microphones and the violin as it should provide.

-My favorite sounds are the sounds of Steve Vai (very fluid style with sustain and delay as in the scouplets Building of The Church) and I hate the crunch sound with no sustain.


I use it for about a year and a half or two years.

"I absolutely love everything about this guitar. I regret just basswood body, I would have preferred alder or ash, and the selector microphones difficult to access when you want to use the stem of floyd.

"I had a copy stratocaster Steve Moore Pro Series, a Deluxe Stratocaster mex, a layer more than 93 U.S., and an Ibanez RG470FM OLP Petrucci. Although the Start Plus guitar was a monstrous purely technical and quality far superior to the hamer, I'm still in love with the Hamer.

-The quality / price ratio? Is this a joke? I paid € 159 in cash a 31! In great condition (except maybe the frets). It is rather in the habit of € 400-500 OCCAZ. At least for the beast that is the best quality / price available on the market. With this quality it does not play, it's not low end or mid-range but rather medium / high end. Broadly equivalent to the Ibanez Prestige widely.

-I do not even answer, haha! Finally, if will, of course I do it again this election, I could not get any better.

nydaunvan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hamer Slammer Series Californian
- Guitar Saddle manufactures from Corea in 1998 by Hamer (more manufactured today. There are three types of Hamer, Hamer the United States, high quality guitar and trs trs dear, Hamer Slammer Series and, trs honest quality guitar made in Korea and Slammer by Hamer guitar for small budjet low quality. Mine is a Hamer Slammer Series.
- 27 frets, the pickups are Duncan original design that I replaced by EMG
- Bridge Floyd Rose Licensed
- A basic volume, a selector 3 positions but with the addition of EMG active micro I added a tone knob and a jack from Stro.
- Channel is bias cut (or 27 for cargo) in Saddle trs enjoyable, smooth, fast, friendly, what


- Channel trs is enjoyable, smooth, fast, and has 27 frets which is rather rare on a guitar.
- Access in acute and incredible ease until the 27th cargo.
- Level ergonomics, the guitar would be well in hand, not too heavy and the shape is pleasing.
- The sound when it is a rather good quality varied with the particular micro EMG I addition. I finally find what I want.


- Basically I'm rather in mtal but I also like other styles of music ranging from reggae to jazz to the mtal see death. This guitar is versatile and therefore allows easy adaptation.
- Currently I play with a 100 watt amp Marlboro with a zoom 510 pedals and distortion warp H & K. Good is not what is doing better now in, I just change the amp, but requires budget, I still like that now. The guitar adapts well to this amp, the sound is not too crystalline or too fat, it is versatile, what I like.


- I use this guitar for a few days and I am satisfied compltement.
- The particular feature I like best is the sleeve bias cut has 27 frets and the quality of the guitar.
- I possde other guitar (see my profile) and I think it's one of the better now that I have now.
- Report qualitprix is ​​pretty good since I pay 250 this guitar on a garage sale. For me it is worth much more.
- Without hsiter I would do this election if I had the opportunity.