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Hamer user reviews

  • Hamer Chaparral Custom USA

    Hamer Chaparral Custom USA - "A good guitar !!" has images


    I was lucky enough to own this guitar for a few weeks ; not long after, I sol dit ! Specs: asymatric mahogany body, black painting with golden effects as if it had been painted carelessly (a custom painting typical of the late 80s!!), three Seymour …

  • Hamer CAL2-SK1

    Hamer CAL2-SK1 - "BLACK HAMER"


    I bought a guitar because I wanted some of her strata.Co say: -design as Superstrat fingerboard comfortable in the hand-I would compare him ala Jackson, license locks ... Floyd wants a little play with the settings and lubrication to function proper…

  • Hamer Special

    Hamer Special - "Love the Hamer"


    The Hamer Special Is an American made guitar that really can compete with any top guitar brand on the market. The handle is very nice, straight as an "i". Very good access to acute, the set neck has a thin enough profile and D is very clear from the …

  • Hamer Slammer Series Diablo

    Hamer Slammer Series Diablo - "Good wood on that guitar"


    Hammer guitars build some pretty good sounding an good quality guitars. A lot of their influences come straight from the playbook of Gibson or a fender but some other guitars have a variance in different shapes and features compared to those other ma…

  • Hamer Vector Flametop

    Hamer Vector Flametop - "Great mid priced V"


    The Hamer Vector XT was designed to be a mid line Flying V shaped guitar in their arsenal. This guitar is made in Korea. It features a mahogany body and neck, a veneer flamed maple top, a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and really cool "V" inlays. I…

  • Hamer Studio

    Hamer Studio - "High Quality With Classic Tones"


    I'm not sure what year the model I had was but it was made in the USA by Hamer guitars. It had a beautiful cherryburst finish over a nice flame maple top. Solid Honduras Mahogony body with a set 3-piece Mahogony neck,shaped somewhat like a thicker 50…

  • Hamer Vector Flametop

    Hamer Vector Flametop - killerkgprime's review


    The Hamer XT series is made in Korea. It has an alder body, a thick flame maple cap, maple neck, with rosewood board and med-jumbo frets, two Duncan Designed pickups, two volume controls, one tone, 22 frets, and a tune o matic bridge that strings t…

  • Hamer Cruise Bass 5

    Hamer Cruise Bass 5 - "Hamer Cruise Bass"


    I wanted to upgrade to a 5-stringer so i saved a decent amount of cash. I live in Singapore. Went to a music stall called Music Plaza, under Yamaha and was browsing through when i spotted this beautiful 2-tone sunburst Hamer bass hanging on the shelf…

  • Hamer SB4F

    Hamer SB4F - "Hamer Slammer"


    I bought this Bass from Jensens Music in Owen Sound, Canada and I paid about 340 for it. Soon I'm moving up to either a schecter Stilletto Studio Bass or a B.C. Rich Beast. Some people say that the G string is lower but i havent noticed anythin…

  • Hamer Cruise Bass 5

    Hamer Cruise Bass 5 - "Hamer Cruise Bass"


    '96 Hamer Cruise Bass bought used in 09/03 for $550 US. I was just browsing, and when I played and heard this axe, I bought it right away. Likes? It has a 2-Tek bridge, a massive hunk of steel that goes thru the body. The tone and sustain have to be…