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blackdog_666 04/19/2006

Hamer Diablo USA : blackdog_666's user review


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Model USA, 24 frets, 2 humbuckers Di-Marzio (including 1 oblique handle side), a Floyd Rose licensed under Schaller, 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 micro switch 3 positions, 1 maple neck with "classic head" taking up the Hamer USA logo.


The handle provides very comfortable and confident that it is round but close enough allowing to use any finger strength (compared sleeves too flat).
No problem for access to treble (even with the bolt on neck which was not the case with my previous Jackson).
Its shape makes it quite charming and it's a featherweight !!
The sound is excellent but lacks a bit of diversity (perfect for blues, hard, heavy, jazz, but for a clearer sound rock or a monstrous distortion sound does not come spontaneously and better then parry good effects).


The sounds are suitable in all styles that I play, I plugged into a Hughes & Kettner Tube 50 (all lamps) which does not facilitate the setting of this guitar I put a powerful multi-effects that can cover a larger variety of sounds and catch up the gaps.
By lowering the volume a bit we can easily have a very decent clean sound but not too much because we risk losing the striking and dynamic side of the sound (even with a good attack).
The serious in tone with the choice of neck pickup side allows a bluesy sound to perfection, if one selects the micro side floyd then we can get started on good melodic solo.
All background + neck pickup side = hard & metal or hot crunchy clean sound.
I love the blues and crunch sounds on this guitar, but there is no sound I just hate some disappointments here and there on the powerful distortion or its most crystalline.


I use it for 7 years and I am very happy I made refrettée last year by a French luthier (Leduc) was very surprised by the quality of the likely US origin wood according it was top quality alone, mostly in relation to Gibson sleeves of their industrial production are "quote" botched.
This guitar is one of the last made (1997 is the year stop) so I had a very interesting promotion at 7500 francs instead of 11500). She has more head reverse as older models and is equipped with Di Marzio pickups, which not hurt him because saturations are quite effective.
What I like most is the beauty of the wood varnish (translucent yellow) -> the veins stand out beautifully.
What I like least is that it did not reverse the head and departure.
I long to make my choice, but it is on this guitar I got stuck
(For its charm and lovely game).
The value for money was originally a bit expensive anyway. As against the argus 690 euros I think it's given anyway these guitars are rare in France and very popular so sold more expensive than arguset me I will never sell my own.
With the experience I would not necessarily referrer this choice because in 7 years I have evolved, and now we find guitars very well for 800 euros although it lacks a little authenticity.
I would like to acquire a strat'US (malmsteen) and a jackson'US but I still do not know which model.