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MGR/Christopher Pickering 12/08/2001

Hamer Diablo USA : MGR/Christopher Pickering's user review

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bought it for 800$ in a nearby guitarshop
because it looked good

First of all it looks cool... and it feels fantastic...
It's equipped with two (2) Seymour Duncan humbucking pickups and a Floyd-Rose tremolo-system. It has a small maple body, with a honeyburst paint-job..And best of all: It sounds great! those two humbuckers sound gorgeously fat and warm....

The Floyd-Rose is hell to string but all Floyd-Rose equipped guitars are like that and the upside down strat-style jack-socket is placed badly on the side of the guitar (right underneath the strap-button) which makes it hard to have a strap that's too long, but this is easily fixed by twirling the strap around the jack...

the guitar is very solid and has a bolt-on neck. I have bumped it into multiple tables, chairs, doors and so on with nothing more than a scratch being visible....

This guitar is great...a little expensive maybe, but it was worth the 800$ i payed for it....
I would have given it 4.46, but since you can only give complete scores, I'm giving it 4 of the 5 possible because of the price....

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