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MGR/Chris Pickering 12/06/2001

Hamer Diablo USA : MGR/Chris Pickering's user review

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I'm a student of a small school in downtown Kokkedal, Denmark, and don't have much money to spend on guitars. What I do have is influence on the decisions teachers make when buying guitars for school use. The teachers ask the pupils what they think would be good for use at the school. This is how I came across this guitar. A teacher had borrowed the guitar from a friend who was selling and asked a few us what we thought about it. We all liked it!

Personally I like just about everything about this guitar; the Floyd-Rose locking tremolo, the to seymour duncan humbucking pickups, 24 easy-to-get-to frets, locking nut, and best of all: It looks great!It's got this absolutely beautiful honey-burst,with a shape that's to die for. It's shaped very much like a strat, but smaller. It's feels pretty light-weight and I would think it's made of maple. Once plugged into the amp the guitar sounds great in both clean and with mean distortion, and anywhere in between.

The only things I can think of that I don't like in this guitar are the hell when stringing the Floyd-Rose tremolo system (but that is with all guitars fitted with this system) and the Strat-style jacksocket placed upside down right beneath the screw for the strab which can be quite a pain in some situations, but this can be fixed by either bending the strap around it (which I think is bothersome with a brand-new leather strap) or buying an L-shaped jack plug.

As I described earlier, this guitar has a honeyburst finish and feels a lot like maple. I know for sure that the fingerboard is made of rosewood and it is fitted with a set of Seymour Duncan humbuckers and Floyd-Rose tremolo. It is also fitted with a locking nut. the guitar has that "heavy-metal"-look which I appreciate but with the honeyburst that this one is in, it also has a touch of romance to it.

This guitar is great! Apart from the hell of stringing it because of the Floyd-Rose and the stuoid placing of the upside-down jack-socket, the guitar is good. it has that fat sound you get with most humbuckers and the tremolo works really well for those divebombing moments of playing. I play it with a laney tf-200 and it works really well with it. sometimes I borrow a Line6 dm4 footswithcer and still the guitar sounds great with the effects.

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