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Hamer Diablo USA : Anonymous 's user review


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Hamer Diablo USA model 1992 (former workshops of Chicago).
Channel screwed maple 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, medium frets, light alder body 2 parts, varnished see-thru Aztec Gold. Head backwards with a discreet black Hamer USA logo. The body and small (7 / 8th dune normal size, the handle seems long (though the pitch is 25), super narrow and quite thick (compared a Jackson, a Ibanez).
Black Hardware, Schaller Floyd is going well, volume, tonality slecteur 3 positions, 2 humbucker Duncan JB TB4 in bridge and neck SH1N 59 10.
Straplok Dunlop original post, watch case series of rigid Hamer USA.


The handle is great, you can play quickly, and he knows almost be forgotten, as long quon appreciates anything but the rules Ibanez. Yes ,, it is narrow and plump, the guy!

The access to acute is helped by a large chamfer the rear, no worries until the 24me box, which is impressive for a handle screwed.
And it's a real lightweight this guitar. While maintaining a apprciable sustain.
When empty, it sounds good dj, fishing is and confirms once Plugge!


Plugge, she can do anything. Duncan is not bad, full of serious slamming, and fluffy mdiums, either plain or saturated. It is more oriented rock / hard rock and blues. But it is not ridiculous FURTHER styles. Is the extreme metal o she has trouble. She and her microphones are not really made for a.


It's a shame that it does do more with reverse head, made him a mouth coronation, and both left-handed, has facilitated me tuning! It remains very simple but dainty! Viiiii!

It's also a shame that all the solid-body HAMER no longer do that Core. The choice of wood is far from being as good on these models Koreans compared to the USA made, and there are Duncan Design instead of "real" Duncan.

I find it really magnificent Aztec Gold finish, we see the wood grain! And OCCAZ, it is very rare in France, but in the USA, she really score cheap!

In short, a very good guitar, and allowing to stand out a bit from the usual marks.