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All user reviews for the Hamer Diablo USA

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
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MGR/Christopher Pickering12/08/2001

MGR/Christopher Pickering's review"Hamer Diablo"

Hamer Diablo USA
bought it for 800$ in a nearby guitarshop
because it looked good

First of all it looks cool... and it feels fantastic...
It's equipped with two (2) Seymour Duncan humbucking pickups and a Floyd-Rose tremolo-system. It has a small maple body, with a honeyburst paint-job..And best of all: It sounds great! those two humbuckers sound gorgeously fat and warm....

The Floyd-Rose is hell to string but all Floyd-Rose equipped guitars are like that and the upside down strat-style jack-socket is placed badly on the side of the guitar (right underneath the strap-button) which makes it hard to have a strap that's too long, but this is easily fixed by twirling the strap around the jack...

the guitar is very solid and has a bolt-on neck. I have bumped it into multiple tables, chairs, doors and so on with nothing more than a scratch being visible....

This guitar is great...a little expensive maybe, but it was worth the 800$ i payed for it....
I would have given it 4.46, but since you can only give complete scores, I'm giving it 4 of the 5 possible because of the price....

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MGR/Chris Pickering12/06/2001

MGR/Chris Pickering's review"Hamer Diablo"

Hamer Diablo USA
I'm a student of a small school in downtown Kokkedal, Denmark, and don't have much money to spend on guitars. What I do have is influence on the decisions teachers make when buying guitars for school use. The teachers ask the pupils what they think would be good for use at the school. This is how I came across this guitar. A teacher had borrowed the guitar from a friend who was selling and asked a few us what we thought about it. We all liked it!

Personally I like just about everything about this guitar; the Floyd-Rose locking tremolo, the to seymour duncan humbucking pickups, 24 easy-to-get-to frets, locking nut, and best of all: It looks great!It's got this absolutely beautiful honey-burst,with a shape that's to die for. It's shaped very much like a strat, but smaller. It's feels pretty light-weight and I would think it's made of maple. Once plugged into the amp the guitar sounds great in both clean and with mean distortion, and anywhere in between.

The only things I can think of that I don't like in this guitar are the hell when stringing the Floyd-Rose tremolo system (but that is with all guitars fitted with this system) and the Strat-style jacksocket placed upside down right beneath the screw for the strab which can be quite a pain in some situations, but this can be fixed by either bending the strap around it (which I think is bothersome with a brand-new leather strap) or buying an L-shaped jack plug.

As I described earlier, this guitar has a honeyburst finish and feels a lot like maple. I know for sure that the fingerboard is made of rosewood and it is fitted with a set of Seymour Duncan humbuckers and Floyd-Rose tremolo. It is also fitted with a locking nut. the guitar has that "heavy-metal"-look which I appreciate but with the honeyburst that this one is in, it also has a touch of romance to it.

This guitar is great! Apart from the hell of stringing it because of the Floyd-Rose and the stuoid placing of the upside-down jack-socket, the guitar is good. it has that fat sound you get with most humbuckers and the tremolo works really well for those divebombing moments of playing. I play it with a laney tf-200 and it works really well with it. sometimes I borrow a Line6 dm4 footswithcer and still the guitar sounds great with the effects.

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kinder_guano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hamer Diablo USA
Hamer Diablo USA Model 1992 (old workshops of Chicago).
Maple neck 24 frets screwed, rosewood fingerboard, medium frets, alder body, 2 parts light, see-thru lacquer Aztec Gold. Hamer black head thrown back with a discreet logo USA. The body and tiny (7/8th of a "normal" size, the handle seems long (yet the pitch is 25 ½''), super strong and thick enough (compared to a Jackson, an Ibanez ...).
Black hardware, Schaller Floyd goes well, volume, tone, 3-position switch, 2 humbucker Duncan JB TB4 bridge and SH1N in '59 to 10 ° neck.
Straplok Dunlop original hard case Hamer USA Standard.


The neck is superb, you can play fast, and he knows almost to be forgotten, if only one appreciates anything other than the rules for Ibanez. Yes, it is narrow and chubby, the guy!

Access to acute is assisted by a large chamfer on the back, no worries until the 24th box, which is impressive for a handle screwed.
And it's a real lightweight this guitar. While maintaining a sustain significant.
When empty, it sounds well, fishing is there and once again confirms pluggée!


Pluggée, she can do anything. The Duncan is not bad, full of serious slamming, and soft mediums, whether plain or in full. It is more oriented rock / hard rock and blues. But it is not ridiculous in other styles. Pity it is that the pickups are not original and split.


It's a shame that it takes place over the head with reverse, it makes it a wild look, and being left handed, I'm easy tuning! It is very simple but dainty! VIIII!

It's a shame also that all the superstrate HAMER are no longer made in Korea. The choice of wood is not nearly as good on the Korean models from the USA made, and there are Duncan Design in place of "real" Duncan.

I find it truly magnificent Aztec Gold finish, we see the wood grain! And, OCCAZ, it is very rare in France, but in the U.S., it costs very cheap!

In short, a very good guitar, and that makes it stand out a little of the usual brands.

blackdog_666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hamer Diablo USA
Model USA, 24 frets, 2 humbuckers Di-Marzio (including 1 oblique handle side), a Floyd Rose licensed under Schaller, 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 micro switch 3 positions, 1 maple neck with "classic head" taking up the Hamer USA logo.


The handle provides very comfortable and confident that it is round but close enough allowing to use any finger strength (compared sleeves too flat).
No problem for access to treble (even with the bolt on neck which was not the case with my previous Jackson).
Its shape makes it quite charming and it's a featherweight !!
The sound is excellent but lacks a bit of diversity (perfect for blues, hard, heavy, jazz, but for a clearer sound rock or a monstrous distortion sound does not come spontaneously and better then parry good effects).


The sounds are suitable in all styles that I play, I plugged into a Hughes & Kettner Tube 50 (all lamps) which does not facilitate the setting of this guitar I put a powerful multi-effects that can cover a larger variety of sounds and catch up the gaps.
By lowering the volume a bit we can easily have a very decent clean sound but not too much because we risk losing the striking and dynamic side of the sound (even with a good attack).
The serious in tone with the choice of neck pickup side allows a bluesy sound to perfection, if one selects the micro side floyd then we can get started on good melodic solo.
All background + neck pickup side = hard & metal or hot crunchy clean sound.
I love the blues and crunch sounds on this guitar, but there is no sound I just hate some disappointments here and there on the powerful distortion or its most crystalline.


I use it for 7 years and I am very happy I made refrettée last year by a French luthier (Leduc) was very surprised by the quality of the likely US origin wood according it was top quality alone, mostly in relation to Gibson sleeves of their industrial production are "quote" botched.
This guitar is one of the last made (1997 is the year stop) so I had a very interesting promotion at 7500 francs instead of 11500). She has more head reverse as older models and is equipped with Di Marzio pickups, which not hurt him because saturations are quite effective.
What I like most is the beauty of the wood varnish (translucent yellow) -> the veins stand out beautifully.
What I like least is that it did not reverse the head and departure.
I long to make my choice, but it is on this guitar I got stuck
(For its charm and lovely game).
The value for money was originally a bit expensive anyway. As against the argus 690 euros I think it's given anyway these guitars are rare in France and very popular so sold more expensive than arguset me I will never sell my own.
With the experience I would not necessarily referrer this choice because in 7 years I have evolved, and now we find guitars very well for 800 euros although it lacks a little authenticity.
I would like to acquire a strat'US (malmsteen) and a jackson'US but I still do not know which model.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hamer Diablo USA
Hamer Diablo USA model 1992 (former workshops of Chicago).
Channel screwed maple 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, medium frets, light alder body 2 parts, varnished see-thru Aztec Gold. Head backwards with a discreet black Hamer USA logo. The body and small (7 / 8th dune normal size, the handle seems long (though the pitch is 25), super narrow and quite thick (compared a Jackson, a Ibanez).
Black Hardware, Schaller Floyd is going well, volume, tonality slecteur 3 positions, 2 humbucker Duncan JB TB4 in bridge and neck SH1N 59 10.
Straplok Dunlop original post, watch case series of rigid Hamer USA.


The handle is great, you can play quickly, and he knows almost be forgotten, as long quon appreciates anything but the rules Ibanez. Yes ,, it is narrow and plump, the guy!

The access to acute is helped by a large chamfer the rear, no worries until the 24me box, which is impressive for a handle screwed.
And it's a real lightweight this guitar. While maintaining a apprciable sustain.
When empty, it sounds good dj, fishing is and confirms once Plugge!


Plugge, she can do anything. Duncan is not bad, full of serious slamming, and fluffy mdiums, either plain or saturated. It is more oriented rock / hard rock and blues. But it is not ridiculous FURTHER styles. Is the extreme metal o she has trouble. She and her microphones are not really made for a.


It's a shame that it does do more with reverse head, made him a mouth coronation, and both left-handed, has facilitated me tuning! It remains very simple but dainty! Viiiii!

It's also a shame that all the solid-body HAMER no longer do that Core. The choice of wood is far from being as good on these models Koreans compared to the USA made, and there are Duncan Design instead of "real" Duncan.

I find it really magnificent Aztec Gold finish, we see the wood grain! And OCCAZ, it is very rare in France, but in the USA, she really score cheap!

In short, a very good guitar, and allowing to stand out a bit from the usual marks.