PRS Standard 24
PRS Standard 24

Standard 24, Other Shape Guitar from PRS.

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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heads on fire09/09/2011

heads on fire's review"Good guitar, if you can find one cheap"

PRS Standard 24
USA made

Mahogany body and 24 fret neck

Rosewood fretboard

Moon (dot) inlays standard, birds optional

2 PRS humbuckers - HFS treble and Vintage bass

PRS Tremolo bridge

Volume, tone, 5 way rotary pickup selector

PRS locking tuners


This guitar is very easy to play and access all frets. The 5 way rotary switch is a neat feature, but that not everyone likes.

The tremolo is very smooth, and can take quite the whammy bar abuse, and the locking tuners are quite stable, for the most part. My one gripe about the guitar does have to do with the tuners, however. The tuners on this particular guitar are the PRS Phase I tuners, which were later "phased out" (sorry for the pun there) in favor of the newer Phase II. The Phase I tuners loo cool, with the "wing" lock, but it is very hard to lock down the high E string with them in the manner that PRS recommends. Since PRS introduced the newer tuners, this problem has been addressed.


The sounds are where this guitar shines. Acoustically, it is very resonant and loud. It has a sound character reminiscent of 60s Gibson SG guitars, with a nice sustain and low-mid depth to it. The 5 way rotary is a great feature, allowing some split-coil Strat and Tele-style sounds. I know a lot of guys don't like the rotary, and I can understand why - it's nothing you could look at and get a strong visual cue as to what setting you're on, but this was never a problem for me.


This is a solid product for PRS. It is too bad they aren't made anymore. The guitar has subtle, understated look, which may be the reason it was discontinued - PRS buyers tend to emphasize the gorgeous flame maples and bird inlays and luscious finishes. But this guitar is fantastic for someone that can find one on the second-hand market for relatively cheap.