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Reverend Other Shape Guitars user reviews

  • Reverend Avenger

    Reverend Avenger - "Streamlined and Innovative"


    Overview If you have ever played a Reverend, then you may know what I mean when I use the words "streamlined" and "innovative" to describe these wonderful guitars. Since the late 90s, Reverend has produced some of the world's most useful, inventiv…

  • Reverend Rick Vito

    Reverend Rick Vito - "Reverend sig guitar with art deco styling"


    Rick Vito is a well known session player who has been nominated for Grammies. He was a member of Fleetwood Mac and now he has a signature guitar with Reverend. Reverend guitars always have great features and his guitar is no exception. Let me start o…

  • Reverend Jetstream 390

    Reverend Jetstream 390 - "Triple P90 goodness"


    Reverend is a newer independent guitar maker in the United States. They have come on the scene fast with their wide ranging line of unique but familiar semi boutique guitars. They have a guitar for just about every style and sound you can think of in…

  • Reverend Sensei 290

    Reverend Sensei 290 - "Rev 290"


    This is one of my favorite Reverend guitars. Reverend is a small guitar maker out of the midwest United States. They are almost a boutique maker but their guitars are very reasonably priced. This is part of their set neck series. This is for getting …

  • Reverend Jetstream HB Hardtail

    Reverend Jetstream HB Hardtail - "Reverends bolt on humbucker guitar"


    Reverend is a small guitar maker from Michigan in the United States. They are a small almost boutique maker but their guitars are very reasonably priced most selling for less than 1000 dollars. This is almost unheard of for an American made guitar. T…

  • Reverend Daredevil HB

    Reverend Daredevil HB - "Reverends set neck powerhouse"


    Reverend is a small guitar maker out of Michigan in the united states. They are right on the border on becoming a boutique guitar maker but their instruments are very reasonably priced. All their designs are completely original but are based off of i…

  • Reverend Buckshot

    Reverend Buckshot - "Reverend Buckshot"


    This review is for the Reverend Buckshot model guitar. Cream body, maple neck and finger board, with a tortoise shell pick guard. Single coil in the bridge position and a mini humbucker in the neck position. Bought this guitar at Good Times Music in…

  • Reverend Warhawk II 390

    Reverend Warhawk II 390 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Wan Caak/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Made in Korea - Quality controlled in Detroit, USA. - 22 medium jumbo frets - 3 x P90 Reverend pickups with different coils depending on the pickup position - Tune-o-mat…

  • Reverend Rocco

    Reverend Rocco - "Reverend Rocco"


    Ordered this guitar(new model specs for 2001 as of August. All Reverend models have "metal tops" on a phenolic semi-hollow body)from my local Reverend dealer, Audio Dimensions in Milford MA. I wanted something versatle but not like anything else I'…

Translated user reviews
  • Reverend Six Gun

    Reverend Six Gun - " This guitar is a killer"


    fabiquée in Korea and assembled in the USA. handle screwed with vibrato bridge strat typed, micro Tele bridge and both pickups strat. UTILIZATION extremely playable neck down as above, clear sound incredible clean sound (korina body) and very hea…