Steinberger ST-2FPA

Steinberger ST-2FPA

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ST-2FPA, Other Shape Guitar from Steinberger in the Synapse series.

4 user reviews
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Steinberger ST-2FPA tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Steinberger
  • Model: ST-2FPA
  • Series: Synapse
  • Category: Other Shape Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 10/20/2005

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Steinberger ST-2FPA user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 4 reviews )
 1 user review25 %
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %

henripremier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" interesting and essential,"

Steinberger ST-2FPA


I had two. The first one I sold had a handle thinner than the second. The sound was not good. on the other hand I was surprised at the quality of the second vacuum: the thickening of the neck greatly improves the sound, especially bass.
I do not understand people who play better on a given round, it's a matter of habit, say 10 minutes: adapting the technique. This is the technique and not the handle. Obviously more action is high it is more difficult to synchronize left right. (I had the opportunity to see the ESP in 1994 P.Rondat closely and surprise, the strings were high!) In any case it is expected to scale with a 28.5 "to be a trend the frieze of the great rope at least. It takes a balanced adjustment of the handle and pulling enough: more rope is stretched thin it will be less for a given note.
Body shape ... I support this. Stein could have a little dig at the junction with the handle, at least-for the sake of his guitar with busted hand. I find it lacks some concave curve (that is bumps).


Short round handle thicker = more consistent sound and Wood. for clean sounds the piezo must be combined with one or more microphones for clear sound and get some so-with an EMG SA. Measuring out as the bass / treble. We can not speak of "crystalline" anyway.
For metal ... why talk of his ...
I had a GM4S before and I did not like his easel Transterm (when the upsets ouh la la!), I prefer the long handle with his capo integrated easy to handle even in game


I've had it about 3 years and the first I've kept it a year. I paid less than the first: U.S. $ 460, including delivery + the inevitable customs fees and VAT (about 20% more). I ordered 8 sets of double-ball strings to be cushy. Now I think we can get them in Europe.
It is a machine apart and value for money is hard to say. Quality? Mechanical I give 10/10, finishing wood handle and it has nothing to folichon. But what's more irritating than a guitar that is afraid of damaging? Here you can play tennis with ... (back side)

Makos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Stick amazing!"

Steinberger ST-2FPA
See the overall opinion


See the overall opinion


See the overall opinion


The previous opinions summarize this guitar. I just add my "two cents" on two points:

- Sound quality: All active EMG piezo + make this instrument an example of versatility. I manage to sound jazz, rock, hard, metal or acoustic. For such an emulator of its acoustic quality, a touch of reverb (I use a Zoom G3) and tweaks can seriously approaching an acoustic ... versatile real I tell you.

- Concept: Should dare anyway. I am aficionado archtops in "tree wood", though thick, impressive, I fell in love with this kind of "contrary". This minimalism effective.

I'll end by saying that the model I own (Korea 2010) is free of manufacturing and finishing. Beautiful work.

A guitar to discover or rediscover ...

Hakim+K's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Steinberger ST-2FPA
First reviews for this guitar found in Europe, I got on Ebay. Autand say I have the option purchase price IMMEDIATE, I was looking for a long time.
To see CHARACTERISTICS: 20Series/SS-2FPA / ( )
24 frets
no vibrato
The great originality of the handle is 28 5 / 8 "then two boxes and a cover supplmentaires Intgr. I tune in D / G / C / ... ... a lower tone of a Normal guitar tuning fork is then false (because the handle is too short!) on agreements in the high vacuum using ropes sometimes I find a sounds a bit false. baritone guitars are to be agreed prvues es 4 5-tone lower. So (I get there ...) this guitar with two boxes and more silent the only option.
The pickups are a EMG85 and EMG81 and a little more, there are sensors Intgr piezos.


Big dception to beginners ... Bordered on the guitar strings! APRS long hours rglages easel height of the handle and rod, I shall decide to mount larger strings (Elixir 10-52). I think the strings of origins are not adapted. Fortunately It is not necessary to use double ball strings, the strings are mounted trs good standards, the new mounting Systm Steinberg is really good. Then new rglages, ay is a frieze more.
The handle is plutt large, say over my Parker especially. If you like Epiphone and other Lespaul a go, otherwise Ben will get used to. APRS one hour of game comments dj come ... we'll see in a few days ...
Access in acute Corret no more.
Excellent ergonomics, I was looking for a guitar for a small and portable it is perfect. With folding metal legs sitting trs is finally comfortable.
Ct look (for those that have INTERESTED) is the custom version in red (well plutt carmine, burgundy), I find it really beautiful.


Ct sound was potato EMG pickups. Ct volume is adjustable, knob shuffled microphones / piezos, acute, severe. There is a midpoint for the last 3 knobs. Beware of EQ is active in the middle no modification, to the right boosts it, left it Reduces. Beware when HP boosts the bass!
The piezo sound is not only convincing trs, it's just good for adding shine and prsence shuffled in with the microphones magntiques. (HS: I have a Parker Fly Deluxe also team of piezos and I can assure you that resembles an acoustic sound!)
I like the sound good but I do not care a bit because (for me it's a personal opinion trs eh!) The sound is 80% done by the effects and amp ... and you can always change the pickups to your guitar. (I play or simulation blackbox ToneLab, and I'm trying to make me a pedal board by LNA).


I will surely notice day soon I did that for 10 days.
I like the concept of the handle longer (two cases) and the sliding cover.
I like Systm tuning, are not stable and it is really convenient, is not run 10 laps to change a string and then it just below the right hand, no need to draw its arms up to the head to match.
I like the EMG
I do not like too big inning.
I do not like the sound of piezo sensors.
The report is correct because it qualitprix even when an exceptional guitar (I got it new for 930, yes 120 for shipping).
I bought at the same time a Parker Fly Deluxe and forcing aa greatly influenced my opinion on this guitar. The handle of the Parker is a day ... rve rgal one, anyone who plays 2x better on this set. Anyway I miss two boxes on the Parker (and one must also consider some!), And ropes to climb the biggest I have gives me the famous resort of trmolo found n11 ... (well I speak of has also ...).
I was looking for a guitar that can transportable rgler my problem tuning a tone below normal, this guitar is for me. Any fawn it has no competitor, so I had no choice. I'm really happy to have found it because I could not see myself waiting another 2 years until what is dcident Rican export.
If you find one ... good luck!

Following questions from a member, I put my mind days (18 months APRS!) For the scratch because finally I not keep long. Note therefore the magazine down.
The handle of the scraper is a shit, it's for bcherons.
I have put bigger strings and I spent 3 hours rglages of all kinds for more than it frieze.
I really wanted a small portable guitar, but this is really bad scratches. It is quite heavy even when.
The only great thing is the bridge with the Systm tuning. And she is quite nice (issue got)! Ah yes, the sound of EMG sends really good but the piezo is not great.
In the end I transform a Parker Fly Deluxe (so the handle is a RVE) to look like a synapse (see forum parker "I Chri Parker Fly Deluxe rtrcie my" )
The Systm clamp the head string to use single strings is not good. It is a screw that crushes the cord. If we used too much rope breaks. This is not sustainable.
I had even bought it and get on my parker fly back for the final two balls a system that strings. To stay tune and easily change the strings are no better.
Concept remains the two boxes, to match a lower tone and keep a more or less just intonation, it's right what I wanted and I miss him. But the handle of the synapse, I do not support a long time, I played as a ... sleeve!
On Parker, I become Satriani. What matters ultimately is to be the most comfortable playing the best, right?
Too bad the all-carbon Steinberger GL (true, when Ned Steinberger l! silent still) no longer exist.
PS: That's my opinion, some may find that j'exagre be but I sold it after 1 month.

alexlion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" After 2 months .. very positive"

Steinberger ST-2FPA
said ...


Is true that we love this race quite thick and round.
Me I like it, you can play longer without tiring, but I'm not a Shred, and I can understand that the virtuosos will not feel at ease.

Excellent ergonomics, the guitar is super balanced sitting or standing it's nice.

I use 3 tunings, the Mi standard, Drop D and Do Sol Fa Do Re La (version a more serious tone of Drop D)
I often juggling with 2-3 guitars, and there it works with one ... through the handle and Baritone integrated capo ... it's great.


I play rock / metal / NeoMetal on a Mesa Dual.

EMG's sound very well, the Equal Treble / Bass a little surprised at first but it's interesting.
I have an ESP and a PRS with the same pickups, it sounds less "big" as ESP and less brilliant than the PRS but it already sending very well with a potato surprising.

Do not expect her electroacoustic Piezo.
In addition to the micro serious, eg by mixing 50/50 you get a nice clear sound, a little brighter and slamming what EMG happen to do it alone. is not ultimate but not unpleasant either.


I've had it 2 months and I have adopted.

already I love her look, and the maple top is beautiful blue.

it sounds really good, stick with baritone integrated capo is super convenient for a pleasant change, and then carry it's really super easy ...

In the studio I prefer my ESP or probably my PRS but repeated or for small Synpase the scenes is really ideal.

only downside, the strings are supplied with a tie bcp too weak and I can not find string Baritone 2 balls! if someone has a track ...;-)


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