Vigier Marilyn Original

Vigier Marilyn Original

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Marilyn Original, Other Shape Guitar from Vigier in the Marilyn series.

4 user reviews
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Vigier Marilyn Original tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Vigier
  • Model: Marilyn Original
  • Series: Marilyn
  • Category: Other Shape Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 07/22/2005

We have no technical specifications for this product
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Vigier Marilyn Original user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
 1 user review25 %

Hatsubai's review"The original death metal guitar"

Vigier Marilyn Original
Vigier is usually known for their superstrat guitars, but they have one special guitar in their lineup - the Marilyn. This guitar is a total death metal machine meant to blast away any girly rocker that comes its way. The guitar features a uniquely contoured and cutout body, alder body wood, a maple neck with phenowood fretboard, 24 frets, a hard tail bridge, two uniquely played humbuckers, one volume, one tone and a three way switch.


Looks aside, the first feature that stands out with this guitar would probably be the zero fret system. This allows you to have more consistent and stable action than with a normal fret setup. It also adds consistency in tone, allowing the open notes to sound similar to a fretted note. The guitar is nicely put together, the fretwork is top notch, and there's actually no truss rod inside this guitar. Instead, there's a combination of carbon and maple that helps make this thing stable ... or something. I'm not really sure how it works, but you can read about it on Vigier's website.


The guitar is a take no prisoners style guitar. There are dual X2Ns in this thing, and those are some of the hottest pickups in existence. The X2N in the bridge gives a clear, bitey and powerful tone that'll overdrive any amp out there into a super high gain death machine. The X2N in the middle is kinda unique, but I find this one to be a bit useless. I'm a fan of fat and warm neck tones to allow for easier legato. The X2N in the middle is the exact opposite of this, and I kinda struggled with it a bit.


Those of you who are Necrophagist fans will probably know this guitar. It's a unique guitar that stands out in the Vigier lineup. They're normally known for superstrat guitars, but this metal machine should easily fit in even the most brutal grindcore band out there. Check it out if you get a chance, but they're kinda hard to come across if you don't have a Vigier dealer in your neck of the woods.

Rgxpod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Marilyn Original
FRANCE origin ... No. 0130
100% carbon handle (mine on a gibson standard profile)
phenowood button ...? I do not know what a composite graphite obviously know ..
Vibrato .. and a Schaler I think (very hard but with a terrible bounce)
a volume knob button tonalite
two dual coil hum

micro Seymour TB6 and I think I put a side vibrato Evolution
Beautiful blue degrade ... you see more than 200 meters must then assume as having an ostentatious jewelry!


The handle is nice
Even then the zero fret ... believe me it is awesome .. difficult to have a meilleuir action rope without curling

the balance is not great unfortunately it stings a little forward but not a penalty fee.
access to acute difficult to do better ..... also saw the place it remains to position the microphones there'll almost have to have 8-10 frets over which certainly would not have served but still flashes techno side of the instrument.

The guitar is ultra mild and resonnance has incredible sustain empty ... so that its quality makes it almost as a default recalling a purist wood gives color to his ... this innovative guitar's age bcp has spoken ... today it still impresses with its forms and its indestructible side

Moreover, this guitar also serves deco in my apartment so ell is beautiful ca worth a picture so I hung up and informed as well .. I clinched and surprise she is always perfectly tuned ..; magic of carbon block and rope


sound ben actually let serious there is only exploitable ... everything on the bottom treble micro ... to send heavy .. and it is slightly cold but for the style of game out for metal and hard rock rhythm worked well .... surgical and sharp as a scalpel .. what makes it cool for something else ... So a typical guitar.

in good clean sounds is good too but not a micro config that I use myself .... The audio is also different on the active models Benedetti pickups of the time ... and gave him a more versatility.


acquired since 1989 it seems almost new .. I play but as yet I do not pass specific 5 hours per day as above should rather a style of play that little deafening ... I think it will be in my coffin / laughter ...

I bought after having ecris luthier that I was fan ... I remake that choice ... I think the sale qq times to delight a hard rocker,., but when I saw the rating and the new price of the instrument ... it can not appeal to a collector ... and I can not decide to me

Moreover, the next will probably be a excalibur ... retry lately that seems to be the ultimate weapon ... and adapted to the ultimate development of modern guitar sounds warmer.

KirKill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For fans"

Vigier Marilyn Original
Channel 22 conductive carbon box
Touche Phenowood (composite)
Alder body (two wings)
2 humbuckers Benedetti
Vibrato Vigier ball-bearing
A micro switch 3 positions
1 volume knob / boost push / pull
A potentiometer 6 postions: 5 + 1 active EQ config config Passive
Straplock Schaller
Schaller noted the peculiarity of a small removable inserted in each arm mechanism to facilitate the change of rope
Shielded cavity in the electronics and battery
Comes with flight case
Perfect finish nothing to do with a Les Paul Studio


The handle is more comfortable than a highway that end, the hit is nice for hanging against the varnish a little
The guitar is quite light, the balance is about right ... although my friends thought it was not the case surely jealous P
A lot of sonic possibilities: config config passive or active EQ 5 + 3 mic positions + Boost option, you get lost quickly ... but hey, it's not mission impossible
I find the vibrato through over a Lo Pro Edge is much more flexible


As mentioned above we have a lot of sonic possibilities: config config passive or active EQ 5 + 3 mic positions + Boost option
As against that sounds cold ... brrrr the north pole is a skyscraper limited surgical scalpel is a real clean and free of burrs, I had a Bandit 112S + Metal zone, a Marshall Valvestate, a JCM 900's studio and repeat Engl Sovereign 212 of my teacher scratches
For me it's cut to the metal so it lacks a bit of versatility, records blues, rock 70 forget, I had friends who thought she sounded a bit jazzy ... : S
I think personally, it lacks something a soul or identity ...


I used it for 1 year, I hung on the aesthetics of the first that I saw was the Model 90 Blue Night it was deposited in a store selling music "one day it will be mine ...."
I had at the time an Ibanez RG 550 LTD and Gibson Les Paul Gold finish I exchanged against the shovel, because the owner could not sell it, with the experience I will not repeat the same mistake but what C.. ! of oh
I will be angry with the fans of Marilyn, but I prefer my Ibanez largely, a matter of taste and I think ownership
Technically it's a scratching post for impressive sound is subjective to you to try this as you can please displeasing, it's like the Mr. Freeze is like it or not
Since it was sold without regret to a friend who buttocks of black metal and was very happy to play with, he thanked me several times to have him transferred to a friendly price, dedication to my friend William if t 'are alive ...

Pm.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Marilyn Original
Vigier Marilyn factory in 1986 in France, 032 numrote
Fully neck-carbon
22 button boxes phenowood (matrial composites such as Parker Fly ( 2Cidmarque 2C20570.html%))
Vigier floating vibrato 1st gnration
More on Vigier Marilyn ( 2Cidtopic% 2C55747%%% 2Cpage 2C1.html)

10 because of the good stuff cest but personally I take a point because the pickups in position intermdiaire fall under my shots picks angry and I'm not a fan nen. And satan volume button on the microphone acute ("/> (" />
But jai virtual volume knob and put an EMG 81 (% 2Cidproduit 2C10529.html%) in acute and EMG 85 (http://fr.audiofanzine .com / products / index% 2Cidproduit 2C11571.html%) in severe, the micro intermdiaire did not t be replaced. Indeed my guitar has 3 slots for humbuckers, the 3ime (the one in the neck position) with the addition t 1ir Owner '!
So 10 for mine APRS changes, otherwise 8 / 10 (but this is only my opinion from my fawn to play)


The handle is dun dot Access in acute unusual, profile plutt round, and slightly more than pais sleeves according Patrice Vigier Marilyn current.
The button is flat and provides trs sensations reminiscent lbne.
Labsence taken from the nest affects not debilitating, I've made my trs quickly because there are many of sr taken on the edge! In addition I find it carrment class
The shape is comfortable trs (more quune Bc Rich ( 2Caction%%% 2Cplay 2Cidmarque 2C16660.html%) Mockingbird (http://www.edromanguitars. com / guitar / bcrich / bcrmodel / bcrmod_mockingbird.htm) for example) whether sitting or standing in contrast might suggest that its shape "original"!
Also the guitar is lgre!

I havent rod vibrato! So I do not find it works.
- The format is unique and lempche DTRE replace it with another.
- Rgler octaves above is the particular.
- It is a block coupled string original: Dordinaire guitars dowries dun have a Floyd nut blocks rope, the saddle there is a traditional and a rope blocking mtallique which is integral with the plate ACCS to Truss-Road: Obviously not here it nya-Truss Road handle both in carbon)
- Its design is particulire but I go back to what prcdemment jai said: We must cut the ropes like a Floyd and tighten the screw of the trigger guard lintrieur (cot so micro) help of a allen wrench! So it was more the cot barbelsque!
Thank you my Anvilcorp indicated that this manipulation

The radius of default:
The guitar looks lgrement of the cot ttequi said Marilyn ( had the big head
But as the guitar is gonna lgre!
It does not possde dchancrure for washing hands resting on the horn the most imposanteMais not too Gnant daut what possde of notches for labdomen and bottom of the handle! (Reminder: There is no heel stick its a driver!)
Because of the shape lattache suprieure belt at the top of the horn larrire, that puts me strap lock means sitting EST (four is remove!) As against this no not impede stake up!
3 little short default because after 10 years of practice had jai loccasion test a lot of guitar (I'm not one to put an Epiphone 10/10) and so I'm fussy!
But these are three default every time Modra by something that is more or less offset so it goes;)

3 -1 for default.


Jaime many sound empty and that's synonymous with quality;)
Indeed, if a guitar sounds empty, it will only ring once branch, the microphones are just adding their personality to the sound they pick up!
A lot of sustain, can be more sil ny was no vibrato
Trs diffrent of lExcaliburon sen but I would have thought when prcise even for those who think only of Vigier Excalibur! Obviously the sound is typ trs trs prcis because the carbon! Excellent for mtal surgical or funk, or blues Obviously for jazz its a bit cold and no matter what the microphones

I can not REALLY give davis on his original post who bought this guitar without doccasion llectronique active Vigier with which Benedetti taient senss work!
Their sound does not please me too, so jai put a pair of EMG 81 ( & 85 ( / displayproducts.asp? Guitar & section = 6 & categoryid = catalogid = 2) and the cest "Gwar"
The EMG comply with the versatile violin and are contrary to what the rumors, vhicules by people who have never tests, are willing to believe!
An acute session funky position on 81 (with the scratch volume 6 / 7) set my ass bass player;)

Being given that I mainly of mtal and funk, the sound is perfect for me is against type and not trs forcment versatile because the handle Fully carbon, so that n is not a problem with the versatility li EMGIl is not clear quune 81 amliore versatility Guided Tour

10 for the mtal / funk and typ prcis
6 7 See the rest and versatility


Jai bought this guitar in December 2002 doccasion
Jadore form, CCAA acute and sound.
The vibrato swells me I just blocked dailleurs lai!

Exprience with, you will do again this choice?
Frankly if jen I see a doccaz lacht! Preferences even when no vibrato.
I think that says it all!

I put in overall grade 9, for 2 / 3 small default. The positioning of the micro serious (I mean the micro worst of Origin: placed just above the micro acute) and the volume knob gnent me but its a personal point of view.
Nayant not tried the vibrato deuxime gnration I NEER not davis, same applies to the current Marilyn ( . JPG)!
My opinion is that Marilyn dune 1st 1st gnration gnration with vibrato and I would assume certain things about my sil had MODEL t dot d a fixed bridge
Cest my main guitar for distos
In addition it has a lot of pets and suddenly I nhsite nergiquement not play a pet more or less what Rock NRoll Attitude

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>I am trying to collect as much information as possible about the Vigier Marilyn I am a fan, and I try to make history!
I checked with Patrice Vigier his forum but it is not actually trs information ...
The numros to follow SERIES MODELS between carbon and 90/10, there is no break in the figures (ranging from 1230) that indicates the passage of carbon sleeves 90 sleeves / 10 so I do not know when the sleeves Carbon cesss to be produced or how many there were, and that&#39;s what I&#39;m looking prcisment know! It seems to me that the AN 13 SERIES are Premire have the 90/10 neck.
So I try to cross-check information through DIFFERENT SERIES numros of that I can get and I wanted to know if Marilyn posseseur could give me their serial number, the date of purchase and type of handle MODEL 90/10, or carbon? (It is located on the edge just above the rear Stap Lock).
I possde The models 032 and 097!
Thank you</span>


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