Native Instruments Evolve Mutations
Native Instruments Evolve Mutations

Evolve Mutations, Other Virtual Intrument from Native Instruments in the Evolve Mutations series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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tarrtime's review"Simple Cinematic Sounds"

Native Instruments Evolve Mutations
Evolve Mutations is software instrument that runs inside of Kontakt (or Kontakt Free) from Native Instruments. All the sounds were sampled by the Heavyocity team and then used dumped into several Kontakt .nkx instruments. Mutations is the software 'younger brother' of the original Heavyocity Evolve library. Mutations contains brand new sounds from the original Evolve library, but it much smaller in comparison. Since the release of Mutations, Heavyocity and Ni have released Mutations 2 with even more unique sounds. Both of the Mutations libraries are relatively small in comparison to other cinematic libraries, but are great complements to the larger libraries nonetheless.
The software is installed directly downloading it from the Heavyocity website or the NI website. Authorization is completed using the NI Service Center.


This library is really easy to use, however it lacks a few key features that Heavyocity has added to their other libraries (Mutations 2, Damage, Evolve update) like trigger effects. I've found that I don't use the trigger effects a lot, but they can some great special effects in specific situations.
I suggest experimenting with layering different instruments by opening multiple instances of the software in Kontakt. The drum loops are perfect for layering, but the melodic instruments can sound really cool by layering one instrument with a sharp attack with a different instrument with a long sustain.
This software is like 'instant car-chase' music. However, the typical criticism or downside of the software is that the CSI/Bourne Identity/cinematic sound can sound a little cliche. This software definitely captures the cinematic sound, but there is a fine line between sounding just like everybody else.


If you are looking to add some cinematic flavor to your music, Evolve Mutations is a great (inexpensive) way to achieve some decent results. The library is really easy to use. There are tons of great loops that are triggered by simply pressing a key on your keyboard. The one shot drum hits are great for adding some extra impact to your tracks.
I really like the melodic instruments in Evolve Mutations. I thought these were much more usable than the original Evolve library. There are some great quasi-electric guitar sounds included where a sampled strat is turned into pad. The mod wheel can be used on many of the instruments to mix a rhythmic 'sample-and-hold' type effect in the background. This alone can add a lot of 'movement' to a boring pad, but can make a dense mix sound clutter if overdone.

chambazch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Grandiose!"

Native Instruments Evolve Mutations
No problem in download version. Native Instruments is up, there's nothing wrong with that. My only disappointment is that I could not buy the bundle version (Movements 1 +2) because it is only available in box (why?)
A manual?? Unnecessary as the use is simple.


No worries with my last generation iMac and Logic 9 (12 GB of memory!)


Really great! For that price, nothing really wrong with both the quality and originality of the sounds are up. I had just acquired "Q" Vir2 few days earlier (which costs 2.5 times more expensive!) And I was so disappointed that I wanted to find much better and very soon .... Well that was the case with Evolve Mutation! One combination of multi Evolve worth half of Q
The rest I'm eager to buy Evolve Mutation 2;)
For me it's 10/10

Luneral's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Evolve Mutations
Receipt of Evolve Mutations can be done in two ways via the Native Instruments website: either download link or by DVD. Standard delivery is free via DVD.

Personally, after being seduced by the sound examples on the site, I have not had the courage to wait for delivery. So I bought the download (note that DVD or connection is the same price), I received immediately after payment. Once downloaded, unzip the file is 2GB, and some are installed and activated via license received in our inbox.
As simple as that! After, that is happiness.

Note: you need the Kontakt Player 4 (Free) to use Evolve mutations.

Otherwise, no inconsistency. Just one small problem: the manual is in English. Damage.


I turn a PC with 2.3 GHz Dual Core and 2GB RAM. I use Evolve Mutations via Kontakt Player VSTi 4 Cubase LE 4. It's very stable, no problems on that side.


I use this virtual instrument for about a week, and even after 3 full days to compose a soundtrack for over serious, I have not even explored a quarter of its possibilities! And that I love.

This instrument is perfect for soundtracks typed science fiction, horror, suspense ... But can also adapt to any style of music. Pressing three keys in rhythm and bam, in the teeth! It was a wonderful adrenaline rush listening to the sound that it sends.
It is a very inspiring instrument, I think. You can push the composition further research, but if you do not want to tread, there's no need that to get a sound slap, though murky, cold, great.

Sounds Evolve Mutations fit extremely well in a mix. In the compositions that I made exclusively, I have not needed to touch (except for a small compression / limiting export front, of course). But otherwise, no editing the EQ, no further delay, no filter, nothing. The sound is perfect directly to my ears!
However, for those who want a more desired, more "unique", we can easily tamper with the settings of the same VSTi.
Side of the instrument, Evolve Mutations organized into 4 parts:
1) Rhythmic Suites
Contains two subfolders: "Percussive" for drum loops, and "Tone" to the melodic loops.
2 - Percussive Kits
Contains 5 NKI percussion. A percussion note.
3 - Stings and Transitions
Contains 16 transitions like "suspense ... BOOH!".
4 - Tonality and FX
Contains two subfolders: "Melodic" for instruments, and "Pads and FX" for ... Pads and special effects, as you'll understand. The first, Melodic, contains 27 instruments (guitars, Others, Piano and Synth). The second, pads and FX, contains 21 (FX, "Tone" and "atonal").

Finally, Evolve Mutations also has 5 loops in the category Multi.

Note that each instrument has three capital letters before his name for the classification (POL Piano Loops LPS, GTR Guitar, Syth for SYN, etc. ...).
For me, there are only more in this virtual instrument. The least I could only blame him is purely a lack of melodic sounds. But hey, we can not have it either, especially as each sound is editable!
The quality / price is just amazing. For 99 €, I find myself with a sick sound, everything is ready, with a hallucinatory quality. It is so beautiful that I have nothing to edit. The loops are excellent and very inspiring. You press a key, then another, and say "Oh, that, that would sound nickel for this scene with a little melody on top." For example.

I would do if this election with experience? And how! This instrument will revolutionize my music, my designs and even the way I compose. When I have reached the limits, I'll buy Evolve Mutations 2, who seems equally excellent.
If you want a little more sound examples than those presented on the site, I invite you to listen to my creations, made entirely with Evolve mutations. It is here:
And if you want to hear the report on voices, sound effects and atmospheres, the category "Download" is for you;)
I recommend really! 10/10