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Native Instruments Virtual Instruments user reviews

  • Native Instruments Una Corda

    Native Instruments Una Corda - "A nice virtual instrument, but not a must have"


    I really love Native’s products, but this time I’m not entirely satisfied. My computer is an i7 6700k 16gb RAM and windows 10 (64bit, of course). I make music such as ambiance, OST… The demo is very well done and commercially efficient. As us…

  • Native Instruments Battery 4

    Native Instruments Battery 4 - "A total mess !"


    This version 4 of Battery is a total mess. A lot of things have regressed compared with Battery 3, and finally only little evolution. Compared with Battery 3, here is a list of what was lost: - It is no longer possible to rename several cells a…

  • Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand

    Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand - "Excellent product - Happy to use it"


    Let me start the review by asking sorry for my English but since they are not my native language, it is difficult to express myself the way I want. I bought the Native Instruments complete 9 (the Ultimate edition with the Hard disk). I installed all …

  • Native Instruments Kontakt 4

    Native Instruments Kontakt 4 - "Fantastic Program"


    Kontakt is my one and only sample player. It's a strong and versatile program and after using it for about 7-8 years I'm still learning more and more about how powerful this thing is. I generally use Kontakt as a plug-in and outside of some occasi…

  • Native Instruments FM8

    Native Instruments FM8 - "Amazing complex synth, unique!"


    I had no compatibility issues setting up FM8. The installation and set up process is very simple and straightforward. However, the software itself is very complex and hard to understand at first. To the new user, FM8 will probably be overwhelming. …

  • Native Instruments Massive

    Native Instruments Massive - "Excellent synth for producers!"


    There were no compatibility issues at all on WIndows 7 32 bits. The manual it's just that, an installation and usage manual, so don't expect it to explain in detail how to use the full potential of the software. Setup it's really simple and straight…

  • Native Instruments Battery

    Native Instruments Battery - JoeW1's review


    This library works on MAC , Windows Xp and 7. No errors found while using it on both platforms , Xp and 7. The manual provided by Native Instruments covers a lot of thematics , important information regarding the program is shared in a classy and …

  • Native Instruments Massive

    Native Instruments Massive - JoeW1's review


    Massive from Native Instruments is compatible with different browsing platforms like Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC. The manual that is included with the software is more than enough to obtain the necessary knowledge of how the synth works. The setup do…

  • Native Instruments Battery

    Native Instruments Battery - Azuma's review


    There weren't any kind of compatibility issues with the program , everything works very good on any platform available. The manual that comes with this product has a lot of description and different techniques that can be applied to achieve a cert…

  • Native Instruments Massive

    Native Instruments Massive - Azuma's review


    There weren't any kind of compatibility issues , the program works on any platform either Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS. The manual provided with the program was pretty quite good, well detailed , however this is quite an advanced synth so y…