Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand
Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand

Vienna Concert Grand, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Native Instruments.

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nicolaizen 03/01/2015

Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand : nicolaizen's user review

« Excellent product - Happy to use it »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Let me start the review by asking sorry for my English but since they are not my native language, it is difficult to express myself the way I want. I bought the Native Instruments complete 9 (the Ultimate edition with the Hard disk). I installed all the instruments and the Vienna Concert Grand. I use them through my DAW. As a DAW I use Cubase8 pro (64bit). The rest of my equipment you can see it at by viewing my profile. Initially I believe that the anti-piracy is not excessive and does not burdens its functionality. I am using it for both educational and non-educational purposes since I am an educator in a Private Elementary school and at the same time I am composing things for myself. It seems that during these projects it does not consumes a lot of CPU’s strength. Unfortunately I am not a person who gets a piece of gear and exploits (or drains out) every little detail of its possibilities. (I love manuals and I printed the whole manual of Cubase 8 although the Videos on YouTube and the articles on Audiofanzine are much better and easy to use). So, in practice it is very easy to use it. Everything you need to access, lies straightforward. Midi programming also. As I mentioned above I did not enter to “shadowed” and difficult (or more “professional and demanding”) for me areas but as far as I use it everything is at my “fingertips”. The sound is very “piannish” if I can say that; very close to the natural piano and with “light” as I like to say when I refer to brightness. It is not to much bright but you can claim that it is at the exact amount of brightness. Small and large (polyphonic) chords are sounding very nice and the instrument sounds magnificent. In some presets like the “Vienna Grand with Overtones” there is something that I don’t like, not in the whole keyboard but only after C6. I have the sense that something sounds there more “chimmy”(?) but it can be due the Overtones.
Problems that I can mention are only due to my midi keyboard and this is a constant problem of pianists who does not have the real sense of piano on the tips of our fingers.
I like it and I fully recommend it. The only reason that I am not claiming that it is the best Virtual Instrument Piano I experienced is that I purchased the Vienna Instruments Boesendorfer and I am testing it right now.
If you want I can upload a couple of demo sounds (2-3 scales and 3 or 4 chords) in order to hear it better. The only problem is that i don't know how to upload it as a part of this review.
Pros: Quality of sound, ease of use, CPU usage, Value for money, Very realistic.
Cons: If there are then some presets can be proved a little bit out of the “real thing” but not at the whole keyboard.