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Native Instruments Drums/percussion user reviews

  • Native Instruments Battery 4

    Native Instruments Battery 4 - "A total mess !"


    This version 4 of Battery is a total mess. A lot of things have regressed compared with Battery 3, and finally only little evolution. Compared with Battery 3, here is a list of what was lost: - It is no longer possible to rename several cells a…

  • Native Instruments Battery

    Native Instruments Battery - JoeW1's review


    This library works on MAC , Windows Xp and 7. No errors found while using it on both platforms , Xp and 7. The manual provided by Native Instruments covers a lot of thematics , important information regarding the program is shared in a classy and …

  • Native Instruments Battery

    Native Instruments Battery - Azuma's review


    There weren't any kind of compatibility issues with the program , everything works very good on any platform available. The manual that comes with this product has a lot of description and different techniques that can be applied to achieve a cert…

  • Native Instruments Battery 3

    Native Instruments Battery 3 - "Don't forget about Battery"


    Battery is a software application and plug-in that can be used as a stand-alone software instrument, or as a plug-in inside a DAW. Battery is a huge library of drum samples. This includes 'acoustic' sounds as well as 'synthetic' sounds. The synthet…

  • Native Instruments Damage

    Native Instruments Damage - "My Favorite Drums Library"


    Damage is software instrument from Heavyocity that runs inside of Kontakt (or Kontakt Free) from Native Instruments. It is comprised of drum loops and individual drum hits. Unlike Heavyocity Evolve, Mutations 1, and Mutations 2, there are no melodic…

  • Native Instruments Battery 3

    Native Instruments Battery 3 - BeyondR's review


    Native Instruments Battery 3 is compatible with Windows Xp , 7 and Mac, I haven't encountered any problems regarding the help manual, everything is pretty well explained and the functions are easily accessible. The general configuration is great,eve…

  • Native Instruments Battery 3

    Native Instruments Battery 3 - "Huge library, most complete drum sampler!"


    Native Instruments Battery 3 is their flagship drum sampler, and it contains all sounds and samples from synthetic to acoustic, from rock to rap. It combines simplicity with complexity, and it a complete drum solution for almost any needs. Armed with…

  • Native Instruments Battery 3

    Native Instruments Battery 3 - "ok in my book"


    Native Instruments Battery 3 came out a while ago, I have upgraded several times since then. But as far as Batter 3 goes, it comes loaded with samples/sounds you can use right in your songs. There are a tone of kits that are available at the click o…

  • Native Instruments West Africa

    Native Instruments West Africa - "Awesome little collection of African instruments. "


    I have had no compatibility issues so far. I run this library in Kontakt Stand alone, as well as both Logic 9 and Ableton 8. It's a pretty simple setup, all you need to do is load the Library, then load the instrument you want. There are some fea…

  • Native Instruments Battery 3

    Native Instruments Battery 3 - "all you need for drums."


    Native Battery has been my #1 go to sampler for years. It is easy to use and works great with all types of samples (not just drums). I use Battery to trigger samples using a trigger finger pad controller. You cannot go wrong with this software sample…