Native Instruments Studio Drummer
Native Instruments Studio Drummer

Studio Drummer, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Native Instruments.

Public price: $169 VAT
Vinz Centz 03/02/2012

Native Instruments Studio Drummer : Vinz Centz's user review

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Installation and recording AJ very easy provided you are not allergic to the Service Center of Native (and have an internet connection ...)
the general pattern is very well done, you must first install Kontakt Player, this one of the two dvds to install.
Manual "in the box" very brief and useless, the software is ergonomic enough not to need the manual anyway ...
I use this software sound module to play "live" with my TD9 KX (Roland Vdrum), it works directly from the rule that midi channel and using the preset TD12/20.
Negative point: Kontakt does not use full screen mode on my screen 21 ': we must use the elevator to see the whole window: it sucks ...


I have a quad core PC with 3 years of age with 2 GB RAM, sound card M-Audio Fast Track Ultra as it turns into oil under ASIO driver M-Audio, no noticeable latency ...
I had a crash at some point, the software froze but the sound always came out, I do not know what happened, it does not recur after two hours of intensive use (in tinkering all options ...)


This is a notice to warm after 24 hours of possession and 3-4 hours of testing:

I bought it only as a module of its "live" for my TD9 so I have not looked too grooves provided that look, this says a lot, categorized by genre and many ...
For my use it is, the sound is good as long rummage settings (including the reverb down and release (!) And adjust the velocity curves) the mix is ​​very good and this is what distinguishes product of his main challenger: EZdrummer, can pitch, egualiser and use some pretty good effects with compression.
The kits are nice, I love the stadium, once set to its taste can make something good ...
€ 75 for it's top.
BUT: I also EZdrummer and for now I prefer it for two reasons related bizarre: 1 / easier to qualify its game with EZ, especially on the snare (or modules Nashville Jazz mainly) 2 / Drummer Stu is nag a bit, comes in very low level and unbalanced (too heavy) that can be refined with the EQ though.
Studio drummer is still a very versatile and at higher settings and the result is still 1000 times more relevant than the modules of vdrums even upscale ...
I do not regret my purchase, and EZ Drummer Stu are quite complementary in the end, it's ...