Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Battery 3

Battery 3, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Native Instruments in the Battery series.

stompboxjon 05/22/2012

Native Instruments Battery 3 : stompboxjon's user review

« ok in my book »

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Native Instruments Battery 3 came out a while ago, I have upgraded several times since then. But as far as Batter 3 goes, it comes loaded with samples/sounds you can use right in your songs. There are a tone of kits that are available at the click of your mouse. Most of the sounds and kits I have never used and probably never will just because I have so many other drum programs that get the job done for me.


Installing Batter 3 was easy, it didn’t take along at all and it doesn’t take up much of your cpu either. Getting to understand the program in depth may take a while though. It just seems like there are a lot of things that you can do but I didn’t take the time to learn them all and didn’t want to open up the manual. You can get by just buy messing around with stuff but in order to really know how to use everything you will need the manual or have to do a lot of trial and error.


Some of the kits sound really good, and some not so good. I am not really a fan of most of the real drum kits because I have other plug ins that specialize in that but there are some good SFX and Beatbox kits that come with Native instruments battery 3 that you can have a little fun with. Most of the sounds do need to be eq’ed though and have a lot of unnecessary frequencies that aren't helping the sound at all.

Overall, its decent. I say if you need something for drumming looking to addictive drums or a cheaper program like toontrack ez drummer if you are just looking for real drum sounds. But if you want a wide array of sounds and effects and to have some fun you can go with battery 3. You will spend days going through all of the kits. But they kits don’t load instantly there is a few seconds of a load up time which can get annoying after a while.