Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Battery 3

Battery 3, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Native Instruments in the Battery series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 15 reviews )
 9 reviews60 %
 6 reviews40 %
Value For Money : Poor

tarrtime's review"Don't forget about Battery"

Native Instruments Battery 3
Battery is a software application and plug-in that can be used as a stand-alone software instrument, or as a plug-in inside a DAW. Battery is a huge library of drum samples. This includes 'acoustic' sounds as well as 'synthetic' sounds. The synthetic drum samples include samples from analog drum machines and also sample from digital drum machines. There are also a large amount of pre-processed/treated/effected drum samples included if you don't want to spend the time to tweak raw or stale sounding drum samples.
Battery can be purchased on its own from Native Instruments, however I received it as part of the Native Instruments Komplete Bundle. It can be downloaded off the NI website and installed. Authorization is completed using the NI Service Center application.


Battery is really easy to use, mostly because it has one purpose - trigger drum samples. It is simple to load the included samples with Battery, and also load samples that weren't included in the library if you have some of your own that you would like to use. There is a lot of editing that can be done with the samples like: effects, adsr envelope, etc. One of the best effects is the 'saturation'. It is really useful for making the drum samples 'punch' in a mix.
I have always wished that Battery included a sequencer for drum pattern editing. My wish came true with NI released Maschine, but I would have rather seen it included in Battery earlier. Having a library of patterns would have also been helpful.


Native Instruments have clearly moved on from Battery to Maschine as their synth-drum software of the future. However, Battery has a lot to offer Komplete users that don't want to purchase Maschine. The classic synth drum sounds are all included (808, 909, Linn, etc) and there are plenty of unique sampled drums included as well. This library was really designed to compete with BFD2, Superior Drummer 2, Addictive Drumms, Steven Slate Drums, etc. You should look into the NI Studio Drummer Series if you want realistic multi-sampled drum sounds. Battery still gets use in my studio for layering individual drum samples.

BeyondR's review

Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Battery 3 is compatible with Windows Xp , 7 and Mac, I haven't encountered any problems regarding the help manual, everything is pretty well explained and the functions are easily accessible.
The general configuration is great,everything works fast and the interface is straight forwarded.


The application performs well without using a lot of cpu resources and it provides some great balance between the human touch and the pc programming of the drums.
The sampling engine has been changed and it has now a lot of improvements, the sample library is bigger and better, the matrix cells now can contain up to 128 patterns.
The gear is very stable, as usual Native Instruments make a very good job.
I've been using for about 2 months, and I gotta admit I like a lot, and I've been using in my electronic type of tracks and some that carry a rocky feel.


What I like most about it are the new functions that consist of a humanise choice and a choice of drumming articulations.
Battery 3 has also been given a visible renovation - the angular, medical look of previously variations is gone and now we have a Pro feel.
With all of its new features I could claim that is one of the best drum programming soft now on the market, You should check it out, the humanize functions really make a difference, and My advice is to use a midi controller, because that way you have full control over velocity of your drums and layers.

The precision of the drums is well fixed, I like the snares sounds, you can easily create some great layering with those 12 gb of drum samples, so using the Native Instruments Battery can really boost your creativity patterns.

I would buy over and over again Native Instruments Battery 3 because of it's high quality samples and the help that provides to the musician.

JeffTadashi's review"Huge library, most complete drum sampler!"

Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Battery 3 is their flagship drum sampler, and it contains all sounds and samples from synthetic to acoustic, from rock to rap. It combines simplicity with complexity, and it a complete drum solution for almost any needs. Armed with over 12GB of drum samples, 100 professional drum kits, and a wide range of effects and features.

The library contains electric kits as well as acoustic kits, and the acoustic kits sound very realistic. A snare sound, for example, is layers at different velocities with dozens of individual samples, and the sounds were recorded very professionally. I personal have used the Pop Kit's hi-hats, cymbals, kicks, toms, and snares numerous times, and the quality of the samples rivals those of Superior Drummer (a drum sampler made with realistic sounds in mind, only).

You can easily make your own drum set, by using the individual cell library, Battery 3 compiles a mini-set of the best drum sounds, well organized and easy to find. This way, you can quickly browse various analog snag sounds, for example, as opposed to switching the entire kit and picking out individual sounds from that. You can also simply browse the samples with the built-in file browser, and the samples are well organized in folders. Be careful that the preview volume is not too loud, I find myself nearly blowing my speakers, since the volumes and velocities of the actual drum hits are usually turned lower.


The samples are one thing, but the effects and other features are a whole other world. Battery 3 comes loaded with all the effects you could possibly need with drums, just short of amp distortion and cabinet emulation. It even comes with convolution reverb, alongside a regular algorithm reverb. This is nice, because the algorithm reverb is great for lightweight, low-cpu projects, where the convolution reverb has the better sound (with higher CPU usage). I find myself using the simple reverb most of the time, on snares and hi-hats.

Other effects and features include a saturator, an inverter (or panning switcher), decimator, filters and eq, compression, velocity curves, articulations, looping, LFO, modulation, and much more.


Overall, Battery 3 is a perfect product for a solution to almost all drum sampling needs. It has the depth and capability to work with just about any project!

stompboxjon's review"ok in my book"

Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Battery 3 came out a while ago, I have upgraded several times since then. But as far as Batter 3 goes, it comes loaded with samples/sounds you can use right in your songs. There are a tone of kits that are available at the click of your mouse. Most of the sounds and kits I have never used and probably never will just because I have so many other drum programs that get the job done for me.


Installing Batter 3 was easy, it didn’t take along at all and it doesn’t take up much of your cpu either. Getting to understand the program in depth may take a while though. It just seems like there are a lot of things that you can do but I didn’t take the time to learn them all and didn’t want to open up the manual. You can get by just buy messing around with stuff but in order to really know how to use everything you will need the manual or have to do a lot of trial and error.


Some of the kits sound really good, and some not so good. I am not really a fan of most of the real drum kits because I have other plug ins that specialize in that but there are some good SFX and Beatbox kits that come with Native instruments battery 3 that you can have a little fun with. Most of the sounds do need to be eq’ed though and have a lot of unnecessary frequencies that aren't helping the sound at all.

Overall, its decent. I say if you need something for drumming looking to addictive drums or a cheaper program like toontrack ez drummer if you are just looking for real drum sounds. But if you want a wide array of sounds and effects and to have some fun you can go with battery 3. You will spend days going through all of the kits. But they kits don’t load instantly there is a few seconds of a load up time which can get annoying after a while.

ericthegreat's review"all you need for drums."

Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Battery has been my #1 go to sampler for years. It is easy to use and works great with all types of samples (not just drums). I use Battery to trigger samples using a trigger finger pad controller. You cannot go wrong with this software sampler. Getting started was easy, just load it up and install, insert it into a channel and you are good to go. You wont need a manual, but if you need one you can easily download one from the website.


The library was stocked full of rhythm kits that got me going right away and has already made a difference in my productions. It isso powerful. I run a Mac G5 OS 10.4, 1.2 Gb, 1.6 Mhz, MAUDIO UNO, LOGIC 9 . Runs like a charm, and sounds great. My Favorite features are the Drag-and-Drop (loading sound files is so cool this way- select them all at once and BOOM!) and the Articulation pretty good on the MIDI drums, now I sound like a pro. Plus effects & filters for each cell! I can add or make a new kit like that - forever. Do they know how powerful this thing is? Not just for drums. Try loading SFX & BKG vocal sound files for a cool Radio/Podcast arsenal - a thousand useful adaptations.


Overall it doesn’t get much better then Battery 3, they have made some upgrades though and I think the newer version has been out for some time now. But I am very happy with Battery 3. If you are looking for a software that is a do it all drum software then look no further. This is it you wont need any other software vst for drumming. It has a kit for whatever your genre or taste in music has. It even has a beat box, which I love because it can bring some change up and creativity to your tracks. Awesome program!

yoTrakkz's review

Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments Battery 3 is a high quality drumming program, there are just so many different options with this program you will never run out of ideas and drums. For any producer looking for kits this is where you get them, all the kits used in Native Instruments battery 3 are very high quality sounds that can sit perfectly right into your mix and give you that big drum sound that all of use producers love.


I run Native Instruments batter on my quad core pc and I have never had a single crash or freeze with it. I have used battery 3 in over 100 different projects and still use battery today its just the upgraded version of it that I use now. But some of the presets from that time I still have in my kits today, the kits that come in Battery 3 from native instruments are epic all the way from rock kits to jazz and hip hop kits. You will have any and every type of kit that you need to fit in genre of music you are into or producing.


Overall Battery 3 from Native Instruments might be the best drum program hands down. Especially with the sounds that comes with it . there are no other programs on the market that will give you drums and sounds/ efx like native instruments Battery 3, all of the kits are high quality and have kits for all taste and genre’s that are on the market. You can even manipulate the drums and make them sound the way you want with pitching reverb and a bunch of goodies that we all love. So make your investment in a program that you will use for a long time and go with this one. Don’t waste your time and money on other drums! Battery 3 has everything you need and a bunch of different options to edit the paramaters.

R-skillz's review"Great Drumsampler!!"

Native Instruments Battery 3
I once had trouble with battery 3 in cubase but that was an issue with my computer, other than that i never had trouble with it in protools.
And i never used the user manual because it was easy to get started with battery right away.


BATTERY 3 is a great plugin for drums and percussion, The latest version of the drum sampler fuses an extensive library with functionality and simplicity. A new engine and a host of sound shaping options deliver tight, punchy drums while the user-friendly interface guarantees instant access and complete control.

BATTERY 3 has a huge sample library of 12 gigabyte, over 100 drumkits cover the drums of a lot of music genres.

Battery 3 also offers several effects like eq and compression, you can apply it per cel (Drumsound) or for the whole kit.


Ive been working with battery 3 for a while now and im really happy with it because its so veritaile, sometimes i import my own drumsounds and sometimes i use the samples from battery's library.

I think its worth every buck!!

Anonymous 's review

Native Instruments Battery 3
Battery came with Komplete, so while it did take longer to install than if I had installed Battery separately, it was obviously worth it. After that, Battery 3 became a cinch to figure out.

The first thing I ever notice about any program is that program's presets. And goodness me, does Battery have presets. More presets than there are people in a small town. It took me hours upon hours of probably appearing to be a very unattractive individual due to my hunching over my MIDI controller messing with the sounds and presets that came, but eventually I came to and began tweaking. And even then, I didn't want to mess around too much.

That's because the sounds in Battery are so comprehensive. The one thing that has always blown me away in any Native Instruments software offering is the sheer breadth of the library. Most drum programs would scoff at the idea of also including war sounds, but not Native Instruments. It reaches a point where I find myself using Battery for things I have no idea I'd ever use them for.


I'll be honest; my computer isn't fantastic, so when I run Battery, I do get a bit paranoid. For some bizarre reason, it's not smooth on my computer, but I will certainly chalk that up to something I've done, because I know that people with worse computers than mine (Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB 7200 RPM) run Battery fine. However, it doesn't ever seem to crash on me. So that's a plus.


Battery 3 is the most comprehensive drum sampling tool on the market. The beauty of Battery 3 lies in the scope of its library; most drum programs wouldn't include some of the esoteric, but quite entertaining sounds that Battery has. And before I go, I must mention the unbelievable tweaking capabilities of Battery 3. There are several different tabs, and several different presets, and if you're feeling strange, you can do all sorts of strange to your sounds, but giving a kick more oomph is just as simple.

I wholeheartedly recommend Battery.

songboy's review"One stop Shop for recording/performing Drums"

Native Instruments Battery 3
I have had no problems with this software in either Logic 9, Ableton 8 and hosted in KORE 2. The manual is clear enough to help you get off the road, but I ended up getting a tutorial from macprovideo and that was really helpful. Battery 3 has a pretty robust interface so I would say no, it's not really that simple at first. However, like most virtual drum-machine type plugins, the interface and its multiple windows focus on individual samples, or what NI calls "cells." Once I got the hang of the interface, I realized that many of the functions are indeed very easily accessible. It's really about figuring out what the all do.


I run this is all the earlier mentioned programs and it works fine. It also runs great as a Standalone plugin. No crashes, or glitches. I give this software a solid 10. It comes packed with a bunch of samples and most of them are pretty solid sounds. Like most Native Instrument plugins you get what you expect, solid sound and very stable. I have been using this for over a month now and it's the only drum plugin I use now.


There are a lot of things I like about this plugin. For one, it combines most if not all of the power of Logic's Ultrabeat and Ableton's Impulse into one powerhouse. The really awesome part of that is I can now use the same drum plugin in both programs, which saves me a lot of time not having to move the files. On top of that, Battery 3 can run almost any file you throw at it, even REX Reason files!! The only thing I can complain about is I can't make the "Cell" grid exactly the way I want it, but...I might not have figured how to do that yet. I can't find any difference between this plugin and any other of the Drum plugins I use. These include Impulse, Ultrabeat, and Tattoo. I got Tattoo to be able to use only one drum machine in both programs, but in the end, I just didn't like it. Battery 3 is everything Tattoo was and so much more. For $99 you can't go wrong. I highly recommend!

moosers's review

Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments' Battery 3 is a piece of drum programming software that comes as a part of Komplete 7. It's also available on an individual basis, but it's a good amount of savings if you buy Komplete. I've got Komplete, which you install all at once along with the other instruments. The process should be the same even if you are installing Battery on it's own. As far as learning to use Battery is concerned, there's definitely a lot that you can do with it, but at the same time it's got a really clean and easy to use interface. It's easy enough to build your pattern and change the sounds as you choose. It comes with a huge sample library, but of course is also compatible with outside sounds of your choosing. I like how much there is here to help you achieve the sound that you're after, and it's done in a way that nearly everyone should be able to adapt to. If you're just starting out with it, it might be a good thing to have the manual around, but it's definitely not completely necessary.


I'm running Native Instruments Battery 3 software on my home system but have also used it elsewhere. At home I've got Pro Tools 9 (LE) and a Mac Book Pro laptop with a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. I've got a Digi 002 audio interface and a set of Adam A7 monitors. I've only had a need to run one or two instances of this software within Pro Tools at a time and my system has had no issues at all running it thus far.


Native Instruments Battery 3 is a must have for anyone making music inside the box. While there are a bunch of really good sounds built into the software, it's a good idea to have your own sounds as well. I've used both samples from my own library collection and those that come with Battery, both of which are equally useful. I've found that making my own patterns is easy enough and it's even easier to change out sounds here and there. Battery is pretty much the main software that I use for making drum patterns, but admittedly I'll usually use real drums when possible. Komplete is worth a serious look, but Battery on it's own is very useful to have if you don't need all of what Komplete has to offer...