Native Instruments Battery

Battery, Virtual Drum Sampler from Native Instruments in the Battery series.

Yosic 10/16/2002

Native Instruments Battery : Yosic's user review


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The installation is no problem
It is fully compatible with cubase sx
The software is very well made it click on the pd of the samples and it is no problem tinkering
the manual is clear and anyway the software is very intuitive


Asus laptop p4 2g 768 ddr
sound card = +> Digigram VXpocket

the software will blend perfectly with all the other ins more
it does not take too many resources in short it is perfect.


I used the last 3 months and not a single crash.
My favorite is the c cot practice software ==> we need a sound about the midi track ==> it is enough to go on battery and do a drag and drop a couple of easy adjustment on the and c is one shot left, we did more than that is sequenced in cubase.
report quality price ==> ok == "in addition the quality of samples provided with is impeccable.